Rewards Disappear and other questions

I use Yoroi wallet and have been since August. Literally overnight my rewards balance dropped by like 50 ADA! I thought was I hacked. I immediately checked transactions and there were no transactions sending ADA anywhere. There were only 6 transactions to check. So it appears that for some unknown reason the amount of rewards I received was reduced mysteriously. Any input would be appreciated. I am not even sure who to confront about this.

This brings me to my next issue. ON the Yoroi wallet i see a withdraw rewards button. Was I supposed to be withdrawing the rewards? Also would withdrawing the rewards prevent whatever just happened to me. I don’t know if somehow the pool pulled back rewards or what.

Finally, there used to be a graph that showed me my rewards per epoch on the dashboard that just disappeared. I noticed another person posted on this issue but so far no replies. Why is it gone? And, is there a safe way to check what I am getting per epoch for rewards?

well the time it tookme to write my question, the amount corrected after several refreshes. thank goodness.

However still wonder about am I supposed to be withdrawing rewards using that withdraw button on Yoroi or not?

Yoroi has been having some sync issues so I guess the only advice there is to be patient with it. You don’t need to withdraw rewards unless you plan on moving those funds someplace else like another wallet or an exchange.

CPX Pool

that was a relatively long sync issue. I estimate from when i first noticed it to it correcting about 15 minutes passed.

I am all for decentralization however I wonder about this. If there is an issue that has nothing to do with user error, where r u supposed to go to have it addressed? Thats the scary part for me.

I believe Emurgo has a Zendesk support channel for Yoroi. With that said, you could also use a different wallet implementation and restore your wallet keys there. Example use Daedalus desktop (no web or mobile version of that). Or I hear Adalite is decent. New comers like Gero wallet sound promising as well.

This isn’t to stay I am recommending any particular implementation. Please do your own research on that. This is merely a sample list.