Not getting rewards in Yori wallet

I was receiving rewards the past fee weeks from same pool but today nothing ?
It even Mark’s the pool as unknown. Pool exists and I approached them but they say no issues at there end.

I think Yoroi may have some issues they are working on. Try going to and search for the name of your pool. Then click on the total amount of Ada in the pool and it will show all the delegators in the pool broken out by amount. Find your stake amount click on it and it will show the details of what is going on including the staking rewards.

Not right now, wait few hours till the rewards will be visible on yoroi… actually I just refreshed the app and the rewards are visible now
Seeing unknown pool on yoroi will not affect your delegation/rewards

Thanks, I will do that. I had not seen this happen before. Anycase thanks for your reply

Thanks, yes probably some issues in Yori. I will wait a bit, it may right itsself later.
I had not seen this before but I may have not noticed it before aswell. Thanks for replying anycase.

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It happens to me every epoch… I am receiving the telegram notice that the rewards were distributed but on Yoroi I must wait more time till the rewards become visible

Yeah lately, had been happening more often. I believe esp during the epoch switch.