ETH network NFTs to Cardano network Conversion?

Dear developers
I am studying NFT minting, but suddenly got question about the subject above ;
That is
Can NFTs minted in ETH network be converted to Cardano blockchain?
If someone knows about this, then let me know Please.

The networks are not natively compatible and side-chain support is limited at the moment. Many blockchains like Polkadot, Chainlink, etc are hoping to address the chain-to-chain compatibility someday. So converted in the sense of transferred exclusively is not possible without a lot more work.

That said there is nothing stopping you from minting a copy of a Ethereum NFT on Cardano using a minting policy and the same meta data format. For whatever bizarre esoteric reason many people have elected to use the meaningless ERC-721 label in their Cardano NFT meta data already.

Due to multi-asset ledger support of Cardano you have more options in ADA land and all of them will be about 50-100 times cheaper than ETH land at the moment. For example you do not even need a smart contract to make “traditional” NFT that just links to an image online.

Dear Dude
Thank you so much for your answer.
My company have been trying to make sort of NFT market place using ETH, Cardano, Klayton main net. which is in chaos while making architecture of the market…
Maybe I will contact you for more help on making the market…
Thanks alot.

An interesting infrastructure project idea would be to make a universal token meta data parser with public facing API. I think many blockchains and ecosystems could benefit from something like that being hosted.

Architecture overall would likely be a command pattern with adapters for converting DTO shapes. The restful API could function as both a scaling meta data registry globally as well as token conversion and more on demand utility for a variety of projects.

Dear DinoDude
I am not well understanding your saying exactly, but I eagerly want to join the thought if you do any business or developing.