Ever Wondered Why Bittrex Lists ADA but Coinbase has not?

Bittrex–another US-based exchange lists ADA but Coinbase has not. Ever wonder why? Both exchanges are in the same jurisdiction, but Bittrex has no problem listing ADA based on the counsel they get from their lawyers.

Are they too aggressive? Maybe. Or maybe they just get better legal advice.

The fact is there is a precedent in the US of listing ADA. I am thinking Coinbase might just go ahead and list ADA without waiting for decentralization.


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If they are talking about listing XRP they shouldn’t have a problem with Ada.

Not sure whether you are referring to another pairing of ADA at Bittrex, but BTC/ADA pair has been on Bittrex since October last year.

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Sorry I should have been more clear. I was referring to the ADA/USD pairing.

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There’s one trick that Bittrex has with the ADA/USD pair. It does not accept USD deposits from most accounts :wink:

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As long as you are a US resident/citizen, the door is wide open… I think.