Example of a Fund2 Ballot: Who will end up on top?

Hey All!

Wanted to share this with the community, to inform and exchange thoughts.

  • This sheet from “unknown-blessed-community-member” was extremely helpful.
  • I tried not to go over 200% of the fund with my “Yes” votes -
    My total YES for the ballot added up to 2.48M ADA, which is
    ~$248,000 at $0.10 ADA, and ~$370,000 at $0.15 ADA
    (not sure what exchange rate was set).
  • Most of these are the proposals which got the highest scores by community advisors (based on the sheet mentioned above).

Below listed is my example of proposals to cast Yes to :slight_smile: -

Proposal Name Title Avg Funds Requested
Message Signing Create message signing standard 4.69 ₳5,000
Starter Kits Cardano Starter Kits + APIs 4.55 ₳265,000
Liqwid Liqwid:Cardano DeFi Lending Markets 4.29 ₳385,000
Pet Registry Pet Registry dApp + ₳Pay API 4.22 ₳133,301
Lovelace Academy Lovelace Academy Marlowe Plutus 4.22 ₳120,740
Mobile DApp Cardano for Mobile dApp Developers 4.15 ₳300,000
MakerSpace ADA MakerSpace Podcast Series 4.15 ₳136,000
Arduino IoT Utility Dapp - Sign Tx Arduino 3.99 ₳75,000
WADA West Africa Decentralized Alliance 3.95 ₳297,825
Feel Developers Understand developers’ feelings 3.92 ₳12,500
Japan 日本Cardano 3.75 ₳7,000
ENVLP ENVLP - a wallet with plug-ins 3.56 ₳354,812
PoolTool PoolTool Platform Upgrade 3.25 ₳210,000
Torus Torus: Governance for Open-Source 3.04 ₳150,000
Total: ₳2.48M