Extended pool's metadata in .json


An example of extended metadata here



I saw that file. But are those additional keys official and can be used later i.e. in Daedalus or are they used for Adapools only?

I didn’t saw any infos from extended metadata in daedalus, only on adapools → yoroi

in case you were still wondering, you need to add extended to the end of your pool metadata .json the created a new .json, the url should reference that new .json location

“name”: “Stakepool Name Here”,
“description”: “~~~~~~”,
“ticker”: “EXPL”,
“homepage”: “https://yoururl.com”,
“extended”: “https://yoururl.com


@KrakenStaking do we need to create new pool.cert after adding extended section to the poolMetaData.json?

you should not have to, mine setup has been fine since adding the extended data which was 4 days or so ago (at least it appears to be okay, haha).


okay I will try your way :slight_smile:

Hi, could you update the metadata then without recreate the pool.cert? I have my metadata on github, so can i add there just the extended metadata Info?

Correct, you can just tack it on, as long as your pool cert was submitted with the main branch url and not the specific version of the .json on github

No need to recreate pool.cert. I can confirm that the @KrakenStaking way is working correctly.

how long it takes until adaptors shows the extended infos after metadata update?

Not so much… can u show me the metadata url?


Hi Alex, this is my metadata url:


    "rss": ""

and add ar the end one more }


i have fixed the brackets. But on adapools I can see no changes

I simplified; but question . Did u registered the pool after u added extended url inside metadata file?

    "info": {
        "url_png_icon_64x64": "https://github.com/fisch192/southtyrolpool.github.io/blob/main/iphone-60x60@3x.png?raw=true",
        "url_png_logo": "https://github.com/fisch192/southtyrolpool.github.io/blob/main/southtyrolpool-name.jpg?raw=true",
        "location": "Southtyrol, Italy",
        "social": {
            "twitter_handle": "Southtyrolpool",
            "telegram_handle": "Southtyrolpool",
            "facebook_handle": "",
            "youtube_handle": "",
            "twitch_handle": "",
            "discord_handle": "",
            "github_handle": ""
        "company": {
            "name": "Southtyrol",
            "addr": "",
            "city": "Bolzano",
            "country": "IT",
            "company_id": "",
            "vat_id": ""
        "about": {
            "me": "Single pool operater. Try to bring the cardano World to Southtyrol",
            "server": "Raspberry Pi 4 powered with green energy",
            "company": ""
    "my-pool-ids": {
        "0": "2dabd15e4759334738940a65e06b6589f674a29347db0a36d75a5d36",
        "1": ""

OK thx. Yes I have but i will try do registered the pool again.

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Ok adapools shows now the data without reregistred the pool again. Thx guys for your help🙏 Adapools just needed some time do get the infos:)

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I’m curious how this works without regenerating the cert - surely the hash of the file in the cert/on-chain no longer matches if you modify the file to add the extend URL afterwards?

If u add the extended url after… u must register again the pool… it is possible to work on adapools/yoroi without re-registering but I am not sure about pooltool/daedalus


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