Extended pool's metadata in .json

  1. Can I add additional keys to the pool’s metadata? Will it become invalid if I add custom keys?

  2. Are there any additional supported keys in addition to:

  • name
  • description
  • ticker
  • homepage


An example of extended metadata here


I saw that file. But are those additional keys official and can be used later i.e. in Daedalus or are they used for Adapools only?

I didn’t saw any infos from extended metadata in daedalus, only on adapools → yoroi

in case you were still wondering, you need to add extended to the end of your pool metadata .json the created a new .json, the url should reference that new .json location

“name”: “Stakepool Name Here”,
“description”: “~~~~~~”,
“ticker”: “EXPL”,
“homepage”: “https://yoururl.com”,
“extended”: “https://yoururl.com