Feedback on my extended metadata json

Hey guys, im trying to get some more info connected by updating my extended json file.

here is what i have so far:
ive created a new document in my github, called: “extended.json”

im referencing to my extended documents URL in my metadata.json
however i left some areas blank, and i have the feeling i could slim it down WAY more, but made all the values like “example” turned into “” so nothing is in it.
shoudl those beremoved?

here is my extended json for reference, feedback is welcome im very new at java and coding in general.

    "info": {
    "location": "Den Haag, Holland",
    "social": {
        "instagram_handle": "",
        "discord_handle": "",
        "reddit_handle": "",
        "twitter_handle": "STAYKPool",
        "facebook_handle": "",
        "youtube_handle": "",
        "twitch_handle": "",
        "telegram_handle": "",
        "github_handle": "BaasMons"
    "company": {
        "name": "Stayk Pool",
        "addr": "",
        "city": "",
        "country": "",
        "company_id": "",
        "vat_id": ""
    "about": {
        "me": "...",
        "server": "1x Cloudbased Block producer, 2x Bare Metal relays and 1 x Cloud relay",
        "company": ""
    "rss": ""
"my-pool-ids": {
    "0": "fd6049e6058460efa683a0e090e5b98d0ea1d6db539a5a9b0bc649de",
"when-satured-then-recommend": {
    "0": "0f292fcaa02b8b2f9b3c8f9fd8e0bb21abedb692a6d5058df3ef2735",
    "1": "79219df8a6919aa5443f301d07a6f9eb9be38a6388215baaf55291b3"
"telegram-admin-handle": {
    "0": ""
"adapools_ext": {
    "prometheus": {
        "0": {
            "name": "",
            "type": "",
            "key": ""
        "1": {
            "name": "",
            "type": "",
            "key": ""
        "2": {
            "name": "",
            "type": "",
            "key": ""


Any help is appreciated

Here is mine:

Yes, everything can be removed and be adapted for ur needs

here is mine

Great, thanks for the help so far.

i have this a meta:

and this as extended

how to verify if its ok,

i know the logo should show up, but the verification etc went smooth.

maybe ill just wait for a bit for adapools to refresh.

go to login and u have a tab called meta… then it will show u if metadata are ok…

my highly-expert fiddling stopped the metadata json from being ok.

i think (my tech guy) also said the metadata json in in the pool certificate, so we might need to update that to get the extended meta json active?
ill just build the extended.json to match everything, and do it all at once when we update the pool cert.

or am i missing something?

if u changed the metadata.json file to include the extended metadata json URL then the HASH has changed
Now the node should use the new hash of metadata.json file
I know only one single way to fix this… sign and submit a new transaction for the new metadata.json… If someone knows other way, please share with us

yeah i kinda figured that out, adapools gave me a bad meta feedback. thanks to you!


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