Storing json file on URL

Are there more clear instructions for this process? I signed up for a github acct.

How do I create a json file? Can I just make this in a text editor and upload it to github?

What is the best information to put in this file, I’ve viewed some that are really elaborate and others that are minimal.

How will I know if this process worked when I’m finished?

Thank you!


You can edit in notepad and save like .json and upload it to ur site (must have ssl certificate).
If not u can create a github account, edit there and save as raw;

For metadata u have a limitation of characthers, that’s why u will need extended metadata for aditional informations.

For example

“name”: “TestPool”,
“description”: “The pool that tests all the pools”,
“ticker”: “TEST”,
“homepage”: “”,
“extended”: “

Ex of extended metadata


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but how do I create this in cardano-cli and save?

maybe I’m missing something… I’v read and looked at video several times.
do I create it in nano and save in specific folder? $nano json create then save?
or can I just leave it on my desk top as a text editor named json?

sorry, I’m very new to this

Yes, nano metadata.json and inside the file add ur informations and save it

I guess I can save it anywhere as long as a specify the route in the command line for the hash?

Ofcourse… anywhere u wish on ur server


this is exactly what I put on github… looks like I have to fix something?

that metadata was an example… as u can see for the last 2 lines the “ has a wrong format… u need to fix it.