Hosting provider problem uploading .json - workaround?

So, after a lot of time spent standing up a decent website, Godaddy informed me my plan (Godaddy Website Builder) is not capable of uploading the .json. D’oh!

Is it permissible for me to register the stake pool with a CNAME record, or does it have to be the A record?

I am thinking of standing up a CNAME website ( for registering the stake pool which would then redirect to the A record hosted website ( I could leave the CNAME site up indefinitely, no problem.

I am requesting knowledgeable or authoritative feedback. Also, if anyone has that same plan and could upload the .json, I would like to know that, too. Thank you in advance!

You have the possibility to upload the json (metadata file) on github

PS: regarding your question… as long the json it’s reachable at the address should be fine

I used github in the past and was fine

THANK YOOOOU! :slight_smile:

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If u will decide to use github see step 6 option 2