Extended pool's metadata in .json

If u add the extended url after… u must register again the pool… it is possible to work on adapools/yoroi without re-registering but I am not sure about pooltool/daedalus


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Does it work or not?
If we change the Json , the hash we used to register the pool will change, as will the entire hash generated for certification will be change.

I know this is an older thread, but how long does the newly registered metadata hash take to be valid? I was trying to add extended meta data and I reregistered my pool. But on pool.vet, it is showing an error for RADAR. It is referring back to my original metadata hash rather than my newly registered one. Should I expect to wait 2 epochs for this error to fix itself like as if I had updated my pledge or margin?

What error?


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Ha! Just not patient enough!
So many of the changes on pool.vet are near instant.
Guess it took a while to recognize the new registration.
Took about 20 mins.
Thanks for checking!

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Facing a similar issue here. What is our conclusion here? Do we have to register pool cert again if we update the pool metadata?

Only if you made changes in the main metadata json because it’s important to have the valid hash of that file. Otherwise your pool will not be on the Deadalus pools list, for example and other pool explorers will not show any additional information about your pool.
You can change extended metadata json at any time and most explorers like AdaPools will check for changes and update their systems within 1-2 days.

Yeah so long as the metadata config hash is still valid. Unfortunately I forgot to include the extended json when I created the pool cert. Probably have to do it again

Typically you will run the initial pool registration (coincashew section 12), pay your 500 pool registration etc. After you’re set up, you claim your pool on Adapools, add your extended metadata and edit your metadata to include your extended metadata url.
You’ll then want to get the new hash for your edited metadata.json and use the new hash to update your pool.cert, resubmitting the pool cert without paying the 500 pool registration deposit (coincashew section 18.4).

this is my poolmetadata.json, do i need to add extended metadata here???

If you want to add extended information yes you need to add under your homepage a line like that
"extended": "https://yourlink/extended.json"

looking at this on Core server, RTT is always 0 for in and out , is it normal??? what is means???

That is the relay… assuming both nodes are located to the same location then it’s normal to see RTT 0

Dear Alex
I am so happy to see you again here on this topic.
I have question on “extended .json”
As you know I registered my pool but I did not write “extended.json”.So I try to rewrite “metadata.json” with extended data, but some said correction of metadata causes pool registration from the first(re-registration)
I am not sure “extended json” could affect the registration, so hesitating adding more data.
Would you explain it to me, dear.

If u modified the metadata.json by adding the extended metada url, it means the hash has been changed so… u will need to sign a new certificate
If u are using cntools then - cntools - pool - modify

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Dear Alex
As you know, I set up the pool with CNTOOLS but I don’t catch up with ‘change hash’, ‘sign the new cettificate’.
That means ‘reregistration’ of the pool? That could affect pool operation,I mean like reset of the pool?
Sorry for bothering, Dear.
Expect your answer.

Dear Alex
I modified the extended json and it works well now.
If any problem happens,I will contact you again.
Thank you so much.
And also contact me on my telegram channel I left the link in the pool setup forum you know I think…pls…

For some reason, our pool stopped displaying the image. I have not changed the MetaData file.
I am able to access the extended, https://www.brewclub.io/poolEx.json, and the image.

On which wallet ?
Eternl for example is fine


Interesting. I used to be able to see it on adapools. We did reduce the size of the image to meet the requirement of 40kb. Curious if it will display the image now.