Facebook, Libra, Africa

Facebook is not only huge but it is synonymous with the internet in most of Africa and particularly in countries like Ethiopia.
In a place where there are no other options if Libra gets the first-mover advantage with its massive presence, and it’s unethical business practice, it can derail Cardano adoption.
That is going to be a very bad day for Africa and for Cardano in Africa.

Sure it’s huge. But it lacks the local connections and cultural grasp. I am not concerned about FB taking over anything anytime soon… IOHK has already laid the basis and done the initial groundwork to do pilot projects in the nation’s capital. Signed MoU’s with them and having the appropriate governmental connections will greatly help them develop their other project Atala, including (in the long term) Cardano.

FB stats for Ethiopia aren’t as impressive either, imo. https://napoleoncat.com/stats/facebook-users-in-ethiopia/2018/10

Only 5%+ of its entire population uses it…Shifting all this 10 years into the future, I personally don’t believe FB will have that much penetration…on the other hand, if IOHK’s projects succeed locally, we will see spikes in the overall crypto and blockchain adoption.

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If FB is capable of improving the quality of life in Africa through their project then this will be a good thing for Cardano and the people in Africa, it will be easier to help people there understand how to better enrich their life through utilizing Cardano.


Libra no tendrá extito por la regulación. FB debe plantearse dar servicio de monedero gratuito yoroi en su plataforma, :wink:

Thanks for your reaction @Cupierjack, however would like to ask you to rewrite it in English, so that we can all understand it. Thanks in adv! :slight_smile:

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Can you be more specific which kind of cultural grasp cardano has over Africa, thus having advantage to libra?

Local connection in Africa is for sale, in the other words if any big business (like FB) see potential there it will by local connection.

The usa fed will not allow libra to go live in usa,
Other reserve banks will follow fed so just a dream for fb. Not a treat to crypto space

This you know first hand or you are guessing ?
Which regulatory body will block libra and why ?

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The population that uses Facebook is the percentage of the population that has internet access. The statistics is misleading. If implemented Libra will have access to entire internet users, that has no other alternative in the country.

Libra will come as usdt is allready there.
And is just a stable coin.No growth potential.
The real crypto are decentralized and can be bought with stable coins.
There for quality projects like Ada will thrive.

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