Addis Ababa Coin

Anyone else excited about the Stable Coin IOHK is building for a legally mandated remittance coin in Ethiopia?


That would be big! Yet wants to wait to know more details … anyways it’s huge!!!l

This is actually mass adoption, but little bit dessapointed by the crypto community as it is one of most exciting as news! And no reaction!
True city with its people would use crypto, if that is not amazing can’t understand what is more important ?

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Wow… People I spoke to don’t seem to care so much about this, but I think that’s a mistake: this is huge!
If this can be of help for Addis, and it’s people. If they feel secure using this for paying local government taxes or other fees etc… Wow wow wow…

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Addis Ababa may be OK for now , but whole country is in mess from civil war to petty theft crimes.
Ethiopia is primarily a cash based society and banking facilities, including card payments and ATMs are very limited outside major cities.

I see Cardano in developed parts of the world, not here …

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Imagine the stable coin for Addis: and the Ethiopian government will stake cardano in the vallue of the stable coins :eyes:


I’ve been there some times. Don’t worry, the capital won’t fall! It’s the corners, where the bandits are and have been for a long time… 500 kilometers north is a different world in Kenya…

And everyone has a smartphone… Lots of unbanked: imagine the possibilities! Especially in this country…

The economy is upcoming, like a lot of African countries. Huge potential…

Don’t be scared!


Have you heard Charles on this? He might not convince you it’s the right decision, but you’ll have no doubt that he’s absolutely convinced and dedicated to it, so you might as well get used to it. Give a listen to his keynote speech at the Summit, for instance.


Yeah for me this is the most important short term goal if this MOU pans out.

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Yes I agree. Wow. Will be interesting to watch it grow

@atcalypso Hmmm…Its like your saying, they been waiting for such Stable coin? So they will use it also immediately? And how is this approach differs from Dash in Venezuela?

This seems to be contracted already…if the Africa program succeeds this would be the biggest humanitarian effort of the century and by the statements of this slide work has been already entrusted to IOHK…question is will they use Cardano?

Looks like this news is starting to get out:


You can only read so much into those “travel warnings” issued by the Government. Both Americans and foreigners traveling to Florida for vacation are robbed, raped, and sometimes murdered in Florida every year. But the United States State Department never issues a warning to other Americans living in say… Wisconsin or Colorado about traveling to Florida.

However, after several Germans visiting Florida got murdered, the Government of Germany did begin for the first time issuing travel warning to German citizens about visiting Florida.

Yet… Cardano held its summit in Florida and so far as I know no one ended up robbed, raped, or murdered who attended the summit.

Similarly, I look at videos of Addis Abada, and with all due respect to the good people there, most of the men look like skinny, pencil-necked geeks, I wish one of them would throw a left hook on me. And I’m slim myself.

7 April 1993

“Germany Warns Travelers Who Plan to Visit Florida : Tourism: Recent murders prompt first such advisory for a U.S. area. State scrambles to provide protection.”

“Four days after a German tourist who inadvertently drove her rental car into an inner-city Miami neighborhood was assaulted, robbed and killed, the resulting outcry has turned the slaying into an international incident.”

“She was the third German and sixth foreign visitor to be killed in Florida since December.”

" Countries around the world warn citizens against traveling to safer-than-ever US"

“The national crime rate has plummeted in the last two decades, the chance of dying in a mass shooting is less than 1 in 100,000, and, according to the Cato Institute, Americans are far more likely to die choking than at the hands of a terrorist.”

One problem with statistics is you can use the math–and chosen metrics–to prove whatever you want. The USA is NOT safer than ever but in fact since the late 1980s the most dangerous in violence than it ever has been in its over 200 year history. Due to improvements in trauma care since the end of the Vietnam War people shot in the upper body in the USA are surviving what would have resulted in a death and statistical homicide in the 1970s. However, the rate and actual numbers of people being shot have soared way above the 1970s and even the Great Depression era.

There are 365 days in a year. Statistically between 400 to 800 people are shot in Milwaukee, Wisconsin every year (only a fraction die). And Milwaukee police just reported that in 2018 (I think it was) they had 900 high speed chases, up from a several years ago only had 50 (I think) high speed chases. Stolen cars that flee from cops at high speed, then crash, ripping cars in have, or leaving cars totaled squashed cans, people dying or severely injured as a result, is all too common here.

I’ve been assaulted multiple times (I’ve helped friends assault people too) in Milwaukee and like MOST from the North Side I never reported the assaults to the cops. And I’m not talking fake Jussie love tap assaults, I’m talking about having to go to the ER to get over a dozen staples in my head, blood gushing via sweat from cut under an eye after sucked punch by some gorilla about 200 pounds heavier than me (not some skinny geek in Ethiopia) in a pitch black alley.

I’m one of those that survived from a gun shot wounds too. With 3 bullets to the upper body in the abdomen, chest, and upper arm. Blowing bone apart like a grenade, artery cut (they took a vein from a thigh to fix it) by the shrapnel bone if not the .40 caliber bullet. Organs partly injured or totally destroyed from the traveling bullet, and some nerve injury that has never fully recovered. Had it been 1960s USA I would almost certainly have died. But it was 21st century USA and from the paramedics to the Trauma 1 medical center the paramedics (fire department) rushed me to the trauma care was advanced and surgeons so experienced from daily bullet wounds that they helped pass on their knowledge to the US military surgeons when treating soldiers in the past invasion of Iraq. Which was a reverse for the 1st time in US history as until then the knowledge transfer worked the opposite way.

The bullets game from the service weapon of a police officer who was not outfitted with a taser, so, when I was drunk and DISARMED myself of a small knife, he still shot me as I rushed toward him.

So, I don’t NEED to go to Ethiopia or Mexico to get my head split open, punched by a 250 or 300 pound man with full force, or take several bullets to the upper body.

I’m sure Ethiopia has its dangers–just as Florida–but I’m willing to bet their are young hoodlums in London that will stab a person for no reason, and plenty of good Samaritans in Addis Ababa. Of course, I could be wrong. What I’m not wrong about is a lot of those Ethiopian men being skinny (or pudgy). They don’t really look like a CT Fletcher in his prime or Kali what’s his name that got out of prison and gain internet fame with his massive size (from steroid use too).

Well , I tend to stick to western world values and governing system, one which I understand, just personal preference.

There’s a difference between DASH pushing to prove its usefulness in a country facing civil distraught and IOHK signing an MOU in Ethiopia. The local Addis Ababa government can actually mandate that citizens pay their utility bills in this new stable coin. Meanwhile Venezuelans are stuck trying to use DASH only to see what little net worth they do have is subject to the volatile swings of an emerging tech market.

Understood, and I can not fault you for that, sir. But out of curiosity are you talking about Tombstone and Doc Holiday and Tombstone, Arizona or are you talking about Bonnie and Clyde, or the Texas Rangers, or CT Fletcher out in 1960s and current day sunny California?

The aftershave and shaving soap “Doc Holiday” made by Phoenix Artisan Accouterments is inspired by Doc Holiday the historical person. I’m into traditional shaving with soap puck and brush. I’ve sampled that scent. Pretty Western World to me.

Tombstone-Doc Holliday playing cards: spelling contest

The Highwaymen | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of: CT Fletcher

Monster: The Kali Muscle Story

Interesting comments. I can see the truth you raise. Certainly Ethiopia would have very different set of dangerous places, but I agree the USA seems a much more dangerous place in some ways. I guess the USA has a sound and robust legal system, but that too does seem to serve the rich and neglect the poor. Ethiopia’s future growth as a society will the interesting to watch.

The USA and Brazil are two massive sized countries that some refer to as “the size of continents.” Quite a number of US states are as large or larger than some countries in Europe. Texas is supposed to be–geographically–roughly the size of France, and England is so much smaller geographically that you can fit it inside the State of California. And while a university teacher originally from India persuaded me in a discussion we had that the USA is more homogeneous than India, due to the sheer size of the USA I will risk hypothesizing that overall England is more homogeneous culturally than the USA. Some cosmopolitan urban centers like London being an exception. So, I say that to say I am hesitant to speak of the whole of the USA as “dangerous.”

Even considering some of the culturally heterogeneous aspects of the United Kingdom, I wonder if they are not more culturally homogeneous to one another than say… indigenous Hawaii and French/Spanish Louisiana and Puritan/Calvinist and Anglican/Episcopalian Cambridge, Massachusetts are to one another?

Poor, white, Texas and say… poor, white, hillbillies in the Appalachian mountains were historically culturally heterogeneous to poor, white, industrial workers of Milwaukee and Detroit. Nonetheless, in all these locations some glamor and celebration of their local–and ethnic–white outlaws persisted. Depending on the ethnicity. German-Americans never really celebrated an outlaw culture and more than educated Calvinist and Episcopalian WASPs of the elitist and educated backgrounds of the Northeastern states did.

And regionally, some regions, and some cities, have been prone to more political corruption than other regions. It think its Northeastern Ohio that had tens of or hundreds of politicians indicted on Federal charges of corruption several years ago. The cities of Chicago and New Orleans have throughout the 1900s far greater problems of corruption in city positions than say… Milwaukee has.

In terms of violence there are vast swaths of the USA as safe as rural Europe or small town Canada. Even within the City of Milwaukee some neighborhoods are safer than others, between a 1 to 10 in violence and crime/theft they might be a 3 or 4, and some areas even a 1 whilst other areas in Milwaukee might hover around a 7.

If we had a 1 to 10 ranking with 10 as the worst then some of the worst areas of Mexico, El Salvador, and Brazil would certainly be full 10s. A few cities in the USA–like Detroit and Camden and LA–would have certain sections of their cities falling into the full blown 10 level. Los Angeles’s notorious “Skid Row” which is at least 20 blocks of downtown LA would be one such dangerous and nightmare of a place. The homeless there live in what economist would term absolute poverty and not relative poverty like the vast majority of the poor in the USA live in.

One virtue many (not all) Libertarians in the USA have is an ability to see 10, 20, possibly 100 years down the line. This is important if one considers the concept of trajectory.

I would say trajectory is as important as the window from which one looks out to say, “we” or “they look x way today.”

Consider then the trajectory Detroit has socially and economically gone since the 1960s. Note the videos below which are worth more than a thousand words. Detroit which used to produce something like 30% of the world’s GDP I think.

Now consider the trajectory the City of Kigali post-genocide and under its President (some supposedly call the most successful living military general on Earth) is in. Kigali is looking to become the Singapore of Africa. In cleanliness and civility and safety its closer to the Netherlands than Los Angeles is. The City of LA–in inequality levels, crime, Skid Row homelessness, yet areas of vast wealth–is closer to Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’m sorry, our friend in the UK is less than accurate in his assumption the USA is fully “the West” and say… developing countries like Brazil and Ethiopia or Rwanda are utterly absent in any so-called “Western values.”

The United States to me seems to have one foot in the rule of law of Western Europe (Sicily and Italy excepted) and another foot in the shoe of corruption and violence of Latin America. The United States is schizophrenic. Then again… the “rule of law” never really did apply to Southern states of the US from the 1800s to 1960. (read the book by Nicholas Lemann on the ending of Reconstruction period).

Book: Redemption: The Last Battle of the Civil War by Nicholas Lemann

Kigali, Rwanda (poor, developing country):

Why Rwanda’s Capital Kigali Is The Cleanest City In Africa?

Is Africa Safe?

Or even certain locations of Mexico (and Mexico has its share of super dangerous cities/towns):

San Miguel de Allende: The Most Beautiful City in Mexico!?

Now… look at not just Skid Row LA BUT how 2 young black men in Detroit are dressed. They look worse than the young black people of Rwanda, and the area they live in looks more depressing, cold, lifeless, and empty of economic hustle than the portions of the busy streets Kigali in Africa and San Migeul in Mexico. Is Detroit the epitome of “the West”?

How did L.A.'s skid row get so rough?



Vast wealth in downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil:


However, downtown Sao Paulo has a section known as “Crack Land” (Brazil currently has the worst crack cocaine epidemic in the world). And the Brazilians have noticed how Skid Row in downtown LA resembles “Crack Land” in downtown Sao Paulo and not London or Amsterdam. Downtown LA also has vast wealth as metro LA has an economy the size of the rich country of Netherlands.

Skid Row: Por dentro da maior Cracolândia dos EUA

Okay… yes… the USA has stable institutions, well funded law enforcement and prisons, great welfare systems, and mostly good infrastructure. But whether by personal failures or by larger institutional (churches, schools, banks, governments etc.) failures NOT everyone has benefited from the extravagant wealth and military power of the USA.

Our personal choices matter of course. But contrary to the “individualist” culture of the USA… Kigali, Rwanda and San Miguel, Mexico provide evidence that communities and families matter too. So does good government leadership that promotes economic freedom (Rwanda vs much the rest of Africa).

Sorry for the super long post.

But lastly on a good note there are exceptionally fantastic urban areas of Milwaukee. And Milwaukee has very good infrastructure.

See our fantastic Riverwalk in downtown Milwaukee:

Stroll Along Milwaukee Riverwalk to Restaurants

Our great Third Ward (full of shops, businesses, luxury condos, luxury lofts/apartments). Both the Riverwalk and Third Ward are safe areas and fully “the West.”

Third Ward Neighborhood - Milwaukee

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USA…some parts even 1 out of 10 for crime…yay.

Still, we got the internet from USA, that’s gotta count for something. Why does USA not have the world’s best health care for all citizens for free? And free education, so all people can be their best? Hard to be #1 at everything. Maybe we can do a Plutus thing and get it sorted