The Ethiopia Situation

I’ve been seeing increasing bad news about the political situation in Ethiopia, like this article:

If Emurgo is doing business with a government that is committing war crimes, it should probably end that relationship, as unfortunate as it would be to let all that good work be for naught.

Or IOG can continue their work to make a difference in the world.

What IOG are doing out in Africa is for this exact reason, to change a broken system…

If we all just stopped what we are doing because of bad actors, things would never change

If Emurgo/IOG can make a good case that their work is helping, then they should! But I expect journalists will start asking about this issue, and it could be an easy way to make Cardano look bad.

It would be very naive for anyone to think that the technology which is buing built will only serve the “good side” of the polarity game.

You think that when the machete was invented, and which is used to work in different types of crops, etc, it’s purpose was to dawn the genocide in Rhuanda led by kabuga? I honestly don’t. Point being, there are many factors to have in consideration when doing anything. And if we gonna stop on our tracks due to possibilities, we wouldn’t be changing this thoughts… And by this I mean that life is what it is.


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‘Journalists’ if we can really call people reporting on crypto that, already give Cardano a bad name and lie in every article. We haven’t got to worry about that in my opinion.

I am yet to read a news article about Cardano that is actually factual, all of them take a tweet or some snippet of information (not even accurate information) and build their own story from that. Even if you tell them the truth or try to help them, they shut you down as it does not fit with their aggenda.

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Absolutely, Anyone can use Cardano whether we like them or not, agree with them or not.

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A more proactive approach might be to use some Catalyst funds, or stake pools to send aid/supplies… that might help. I don’t think abandoning the country is very productive.