Is Cardano a Hype?

Hey Fellow Cardano Supporters,

I’m an avid Cardano fan and strongly believe in the technical specification of the coin as well as the team behind it. With the recent news of IOTA partnering with Jaguar, Etherium being in the radar of Elon Musk’s Tesla and many crypto projects being developed on EOS platforms we do not hear much from Cardano apart from educational meet ups, potential partnerships in third world countries and contstantly amended roadmaps. I so want Cardano to be one of the best crypto coins and change the world but on the line with other cryptocurrencies is Cardano lagging behind? I don’t quite get how partnerships in Mongolia and Ethiopia would propel the coin’s popularity considering that its competitors are partnering with more tested and solid partners. Am I missing something here? I would greatly appreciate if you could right my wrongs and guide me in the right direction. Thank yoi

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Hi, you are definitely missing something. I suggest watching the last couple of AMA’s from Charles and your question’s will be answered. Best of luck.

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Cardano and Africa

I m African and I m telling you Africa is a mess yet is the continent most valuable at all, has everything they need but not a financial sistem that could be built upon an economy

Cardano is doing precisely that!
Let’s go to some numbers!
If the coin of Ethiopia is developed, there will be 6 million people using it therefore giving it value! That the essence of money, the mainstream usage and for the first time ever, a capital ( government) will promote and use a cryptographic coin!

This is huge!

Now what would happens if this coin is being used in the capital ?
any industry that wants to enter this new space, MUST!!! Use this coin and that my friend has more power that any partnership in the developed world!

You have to see the big picture, they are building the fundamentals of new economy

If you are patient, Cardano project will give you a lot of satisfaction


Do not worry, Cardano is doing everything right. Even if Cardano works in third world countries, there are almost no competitors, the number of users is growing.

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You’ve got the right sense, for sure. Every day that goes by that a developer peeks in on Cardano, and finds they can’t yet launch an application is a lost opportunity for Cardano, and an opportunity for another platform. So for now, sit back and wait, because at best, this is a get rich slow opportunity. A bet on Cardano is a bet for and extremely reliable and robust decentralised protocol. How many groups will want it? How many will need it? Wait and see.


I dunno about that.

While one of the visions for Cardano is to give opportunities to the unbanked (Africa is therefore a great starting place), I don’t think it precludes other opportunities.

Even if it were also to support developed nations move to decentralised applications, that opportunity certainly isn’t lost. Nobody has won that market. Realistically how many applications running on a public blockchain can you say have even widespread (let alone mass) adoption?

I am certainly waiting for Cardano to be ready as it is the only real platform that has been built professionally without inheriting the technical debt that others get by forking old blockchain solutions.

I also suspect most of the big players are waiting for the space to mature. Some might be wetting their feet, but there isn’t really anything of note on the horizon.

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You might as well go ahead and remove this from your argument, this doesn’t exist. Elon tweeted he was joking when he put out that Ethereum post.

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Is it necessary to spam this article? Big deal… It’s an article that uses a bunch of buzz words and doesn’t mention one problem that the technology will be used to solve.

Chillax… Cardano will be just fine.