IOHK in Africa: a momentous few days in Ethiopia!

IOHK have had a successful few days in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Meetings were held between IOHK and the Ministry of Science and Technology to discuss how Cardano could help support the countries economic development.

IOHK will also be training local Ethiopian developers, some of which will go on to work for IOHK. It was also great to see that the first class is all female!

IOHK also signed an agreement with the Ethiopian government to look at how blockchain technology can help the nations coffee industry supply chain.

There was also Ethiopia’s first Blockchain Forum, where lots of young entrepreneurs shared blockchain startup ideas.



Great News

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This is great news. I don’t know of any other project working so hard to get block chain tech spread so far and wide.

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Humaniq has very similar aims…

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Wow IOHK in my birth country Ethiopia! I am glad I invested on Cardano…great news


Blockchain will be very useful in Africa, especially in Ethiopia for land, housing, farm, commodity and more…


This is remarkable. Especially the training part is truly an innovative idea. But it seems there is one little detail missing. Despite the efforts of some open-source and linux enthusiasts the penetration of linux and open source programs in public as well as private sector is almost none existent. With a very little more extra effort on top of the training program Cardano can change this.
As of today it may be possible to deploy cardano in high profile organizations such as the commodity exchange but if it should have a wider penetration it is not going to be very successful on slow and virus ridden computers that public and private companies possess. Therefore an additional training on basic linux usage and deployment could in fact accelerate the adoption of Cardano in Ethiopia.

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