Failed to build cardano address


After executing script $CNODE_HOME/scripts/ get this error


I don’t use the script that you are using but I was unable to get cardano-addresses to build either.

To compile cardano-addresses, I was adding this to my cabal.project.local file and compiling it along with cardano-node in the past:

  type: git
  tag: 3.11.0

And then:

cabal build cardano-addresses-cli

That method had worked in the past (with the latest git tag at that time). But it no longer works for me now.

Note that your script is trying to compile version 3.7.0 but the latest version of cardano-addresses is 3.11.0.

Sorry, I don’t know how to get cardano-addresses to compile. Hopefully someone will educate me too.

Are u trying to update the node to 1.35.0?

I can compile cardano-node 1.35.0. I am trying to also compile cardano-addresses-cli along with it.

@Alexd1985 do you think that only solution for this bug is to add source-repository-package into cardano.project, or suggest other solutions.


I think you will find that the script you are using is already adding details similar to what I posted above to cabal.project.local.

TBH I can’t tell u because I am not at home and I did not tried to upgrade the nodes yet

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You’re using old copy of the script, check out updated version on the repo - ofcourse, it comes alongwith updates to prereqs too. If you’re wondering why it’s not on master, check out the announcements channel.

Ok, alpha is only for 1.35 for testNet, but I stil have the same problem on mainNet.
I followed the steps on Basics - Guild Operators but unfortunately same error occurs.
@Alexd1985 can you try to setup mainNet from the scratch?

The packages from previous versions will not work with newer cardano-addresses releases (hence, alpha branch - and yes, it’s meant to be for testnet as there are still more changes being added to node - once we’ve finalized versions available, they’ll be merged to master)

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@Alexd1985 @rdlrt @7.4d4


How did you get to that obvious scam?

If they send you a DM in the forum, please flag it, so that we can delete that user. Thank you!

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Scam Websites:



User removed. You can also use the three dots in the lower right to see the flag. That flag will directly notify moderators.

But, other users need to know what are scam websites and explain how they want to scam users.
Do you have pages for scams?

Scams came from the unavailability of Cardano builders/users to fix the bug.
Still, my problem is not fixed. I can’t build Cardano. Cabal can’t build cardano-address.

We/I don’t have clear manuals on how to build Cardano on 1.35 on mainNet.

When someone will ask u to connect wallets or asking for seed words then 100% it is a scam site…
Regarding 1.35.x upgrade just have patience… don’t rush… for the moment is in test phase

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We have the Report a Scam category.

In the about post, I just reread the exact rationale for not linking directly:

So, I restored your warning links and just made them not clickable.

Sorry, I can’t help you with that. I tend to not compile them myself, but use the binary packages linked, for example, in and

The error in building cardano-address cannot really be dependent on the cardano-node version. Those projects seem to be largely independent of each other.

The sentiment seems to be that mainnet should not be upgraded to 1.35 now, anyway, since there may be further updates:

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This is still a problem in version 1.35.3. Any ideas??