I need Help to finish my installation of cardano-node and cardano-cli in my Terminal

i follow the tutorial in the cardano developer website but in the i build everything very well i think but i can copy what i build to the bin directory.

$cp -p “$(./scripts/bin-path.sh cardano-node)” ~/.local/bin/  :heavy_check_mark:  3.1.2 
jq: error: Could not open file dist-newstyle/cache/plan.json: No such file or directory
Error: cardano-node not built
cp: : No such file or directory

that the output and i make the bin directory in .local. but i can’t copy it.
can someone help me plz.

I don’t know this command (I have no idea what the “./scripts/bin-path.sh cardano-node” command does, I assume it is looking for the cardano-node binary file), but it seems the cardano-node binary file cannot be copied be cause it was not found. “Error: cardano-node not built”. Was your build successful?
If it was successful, you can find the cardano-node binary file with this command run in the directory where you build it:
find . -type f -name cardano-node
If this command finds, it, then you should copy that file to your ~/.local/bin folder. And the same for cardano-cli.

Why are you trying to build cardano-node instead of using the pre-built version cardano-node? You can download it using the link from the Github releases page.

cuz i’m following the set up in the developer part of cardano documentation. I do all they put in the documentation is suppose to be work in every computer.’’
anyway thx for the words i try again and let what happen :slight_smile:

they = community themselves

If there is an issue , folks encountering it are expected to update solution to better assist next one. But in this case - possibility of being a human error seems high , given the absence of mentioned file. Once there are more details on the description to proceed (branch of node used, output of cabal build logs, etc), you should receive better assistance