Fake Daedalus wallet in GooglePlay

Becareful if you found the Daedalus wallet in the GooglePlay store is a fake one, I’ve just seen a tweet from Charls Hoskinson about this. The app is still in the Google Play, I believe someone has reached Google to take it down soon.



Just noticed there was others topics about this:

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Thanks for the heads up and post :slight_smile:

I want to create the new wallet , transfer the coins from the old one and delete the old Daedalus Wallet . Can i download the second wallet in my computer or any other way to do that ? Please advice .

Thanks for the heads up. This is concerning. Hopefully the app did not receive anyone’s private keys.

Good to hear that. Do you know when the light clients of Daedalus for Android and iOS are planned to launch?

Mmm, I believe you can create two wallets on the same client, you will have 2 private keys for each address.
If you want to perform a clean install of your wallet, maybe you can save your 12 word recovery phrase and then uninstall your wallet and install it again and recover it with the 12 word phase.

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Glad to see all the posts/threads about this. I really hope nobody fell for this, unfortunately however there probably was at least one poor soul who fell for the trap.

Also check https://cardanowiki.info/wiki/Scam_alerts

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