Faucets not received on my address

I copied my whole payment address starting from “addr_testxxxxxxx” from testnet node I created by
cat payment.addr.

and Requested faucets from
Faucet without an API key since I dont need an API key. but still I’m querying my address no funds received.

Please guide.
Thanks (Y)

I have the same problem here, what is your status atm?

The problem is the URL that is being used to show you the transaction from the faucet.

It is using what looks like is an old domain name that isn’t being redirected to the new one.

I worked it out after looking at the SSL certificates.

Someone needs to update the results page for the successful faucet transaction with the link to the new testnet explorer url.

Super confusing for anyone that is stepping through the documentation on setting up a relay or producer block node when they get to that step and think that they transaction didn’t work from the faucet.

You can also have a look with the cli-tool directly on your node with: cardano-cli query utxo.
It should be run something like this:

cardano-cli query utxo
–address $(cat payment.addr)
–testnet-magic 1097911063

Perhaps the transaction is there even if the link in the faucet is not working as suggested above.


It indeed was working and confirmed with cardano-cli.

The documentation flow is just misleading for anyone that isn’t that familiar with working on the command line.

If someone could fix that link up on the faucet website it would be nice.