Issue requesting test Faucet funds

I am following the tutorials, and have set up a payment address. However whenever I try to add test funds and query the address there are no transactions recorded even after sevral hrs. I have also tested a second address with no luck. Any ideas why this could be happening?


Can you confirm whether or not your node is in sync and on tip?

The node will need to have visibility into the block that recorded the faucet transaction. In other words the node must have received that block when the utxo query is conducted in order for the expected amount to be displayed.


How can I confirm this? (Sorry new to this). As far as I can tell I believe so.

You could paste the address here and ask someone else on testnet to query it

Iā€™m not sure if there is an explorer for testnet, but check there for slot/block height and compare with your node tip query

Also, check that the tip is increasing:

cardano-cli shelley query tip --testnet-magic 42

Ive been reccomended this site for the test net
I believe the current epoch running on the test net is 78

This screenshot of my live view suggests its running behind on epoch 74.
could my node just be running behind? The block and slot numbers are still increasing, but as the up time shows its been a while.

Yeah the node is behind. You can try restarting your node if sync is slow.

Do you know how long epochs are on this testnet?