Feedback: fiat v. crypto vox pops on CAST

some background for those who’ve not been in the loop.

CARDANO CAST is a new initiative. it’s evolving from a weekly community call into a 24 hr stream. the idea is that it’d act as a net that’s been cast, continuously as a point that onboards via edutainment and updates folk on all things crypto and cardano - in a palatable way.

so one of the ideas for a series that would run on the CAST is to have vox pops. aka street interviews. one version of them would be fiat v. crypto. they’d be structured in a way that is basically framed as improving financial literacy(or is it numeracy). they’d be asked questions which at the core look to shed light on the differences between fiat and crypto. around ten questions i’m thinking, each with increasing difficulty. at the end, depending on how many questions they got right, they’d have the option to get fiat or the equivalent in crypto(paper wallet, with onboarding info/link/qr code).

so, what do you think?… :thinking:


Love the street interviews idea. Unsure about the contest thing.


Interesting idea. I think I’m with Zenman. Would you pay the people on the street for answering questions? I’m pretty sure everyone would pick cash since you can actually use it on daily basis.