Fetch Cardano Whale List

Hello everybody.
I am now working on Cardano project.
And I’d love to fetch the cardano whale lists.
(Addresses whose balance of Ada is more than 1M)
Can anyone help me with this project?


hope it helps :point_down:

Yes, this really helps.
But could you tell me how to get those list in javascript?
Maybe using services like Blockfrost or Koios,
or using web3 libraries like Lucid.
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Im not able to help you with that as I dont code much, but you sure can fetch wallets using those services.
I asked chatGPT :point_right: Can I use Blockfrost to fetch wallets from the cardano blockchain with more than 1M ada?
Heres the output :point_down:
Yes, you can use Blockfrost to fetch wallets from the Cardano blockchain with more than 1 million ADA. Blockfrost is a blockchain API that provides access to Cardano network data, including wallets, transactions, addresses, and more.

To fetch wallets with a balance greater than 1 million ADA using Blockfrost, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Sign up for a Blockfrost account and obtain an API key.
  2. Install any necessary libraries or SDKs for interacting with the Blockfrost API (e.g., blockfrost-js for JavaScript).
  3. Use the appropriate API endpoint to fetch wallet data. For example, you can use the GET /addresses/{address} endpoint to retrieve information about a specific address.
  4. Iterate through the wallets or addresses you want to check.
  5. Check the balance of each wallet/address using the Blockfrost API.
  6. Filter the wallets/addresses that have a balance greater than 1 million ADA.

Here’s a simplified JavaScript code example using the blockfrost-js library to fetch wallets with a balance greater than 1 million ADA:

> const blockfrost = require('blockfrost-js'); // Import the Blockfrost library
> const apiKey = 'YOUR_BLOCKFROST_API_KEY';
> const projectId = 'YOUR_BLOCKFROST_PROJECT_ID'; // Optional if using the free tier
> // Create a Blockfrost instance
> const blockfrostClient = new blockfrost.CardanoMainnet({
>   projectId: projectId,
>   apiKey: apiKey,
> });
> // Fetch and filter wallets
> async function fetchWalletsWithMoreThanOneMillionAda() {
>   try {
>     const wallets = ['wallet1', 'wallet2', 'wallet3']; // Replace with the list of wallets you want to check
>     for (const wallet of wallets) {
>       const walletData = await blockfrostClient.addresses(wallet).get();
>       if (walletData.balance > 1000000) {
>         console.log(`Wallet ${wallet} has a balance greater than 1 million ADA.`);
>         // Perform further operations with the wallet
>       }
>     }
>   } catch (error) {
>     console.log('Error:', error);
>   }
> }
> fetchWalletsWithMoreThanOneMillionAda();

Remember to replace 'YOUR_BLOCKFROST_API_KEY' with your actual Blockfrost API key. Also, modify the wallets array to contain the list of wallet addresses you want to check.

Keep in mind that Blockfrost may have rate limits or other restrictions based on your subscription tier. Be sure to review the Blockfrost documentation and terms of use to ensure compliance with their guidelines.

Thank you very much for this helpful code.
But I’d love to get the whole list of crypto whales out of entire all holders.
Not just to check some wallets, but out of whole Ada holders, find top Ada holders.

Thank you.

Hi, I found the solution for this.
To fetch Cardano Whale list, we can use some public api.

This is api which is used in Cardano Explorer - AdaStat.