FETRI - A pool that brings awareness to Kidney Disease!

Fetri pool is a cardano staking pool that aimes to bring awareness to Kidney failures disease. We want to help people understand more about it and share ill people day to day struggles and stories. 10% of our earnings will be donated to an non profit Kidney Foundation.

We want to :

  • Educate the public to reduce their risk
  • Support and bring positive change for kidney patients, organs donors and families in their fight against the disease

There is is no « us » without « you »

If you want to help a small staking pool to grow please delegate your stake of Ada to our staking pool or invite your friend to delegate to us.

Ticker : FETRI
website : fetri-pool.com


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That’s a great cause. Welcome to the community!

Thanks Dev :slight_smile:

Nice! welcome to the SPO-Universe. Shoot me a DM if you need help. and good luck!

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Hi Vahid, thanks for welcoming me into the SPO-Universe.

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