Introducing Donator Stake Pool [DNTR]

  • My name is Daniel. I started this stake pool for the purpose of giving delegators a say in where our donations would be going towards. After having lost my father to prostate cancer, my family wanted to do something meaningful. The top of my mind came my love for the Cardano ecosystem and building something where I could donate to a cause near and dear to my heart. But thought why stop there, let delegators have a say as well. Charity is important to me and this would be what I can dedicate myself too.
  • Ticker- DNTR
  • Pledge - 10,000 ADA
  • Fixed fee - 340 ADA
  • Variable fee - 0.33%
  • Website - Cardano Stake Pool - Donator Ticker - DNTR - Stock Conquer
  • Contact -
  • Pool ID - pool1mcy3qe7slsz8wmxan7cutrk3sh0z4t44cy6n743f4ca07a76227
  • Location- New York, New York
  • Pool Infrastructure- 2 relay nodes, 1 block producer. Air gapped machine is utilized to keep cold keys safe!
  • Operator experience - multiple years of code experience and tech builds to understand and implement robust security features to ensure only specified ports are open, login daemon, and air gapping as mentioned.
  • The Donator Stake Pool incentives new delegators by offering giveaways / perks for staking with us. Check out our website for further details and follow us @stockconquer on twitter to learn more about our latest giveaway.
  • We donate 100% of our 0.33% fee to charity, and our first charity is
  • Future charitable givings delegators can vote for and have a say in where we donate to. Help us stake a better future!

If your in the NY area we are starting to have regular meetups feel free to come by: