How to grow a small Staking Pool?

Hi guys, my name is Akani and i’m the SPO of FETRI which is a pool that brings awareness to Kidney disease. i’m fairly new in the community and trying to grow my pool so if you guys have any advices or good practices for a novice like me i will be very glad to read yall.

Thanks a lot for your time.

Hi and welcome! I’m also new, by a few more days perhaps :slight_smile: and interested in hearing people’s ideas as well. Personally I’m focusing on just internal op’s, getting my logging and monitoring up to par, as well as planning my internal roadmap for hardware and whatnot, then I’ll move to branding and marketing/messaging.

Thx mate ! That’s a good plan. I’m on the branding right now and it is not that easy but we will get there . I wish good luck

Just came up with an idea you may be interested in or in commenting on at least, trying to see if anyone is interested: A Pool of Pools: a feeler/invite to start a coop