Fiat withdrawn

Hello guys,
I know that the topic is not very related to ADA,but I wonder which exchange are you using to withdraw the Fiat money I know about Kraken but I understood that if I delete my account there they will not delete my data from there servers at all,so I wonder which one of the exchanges can I use.

im using coinbase if i ever want :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you can I buy crypto without send my ID details or is not possible?Regarding withdrawal process…is it fast?

no you need to do KYC in coinbase.

There are no legitimate exchanges, at least in the USA, that will skirt KYC laws. You could try something like if you want no trace, but even then, for any appreciably large amount, you don’t know who’s on the selling or receiving end. Best not to do illegal things that require you to launder money, IMHO.


Thank you very much for your answer,
Probably they will ask for ID when I withdraw right?

You cannot withdraw from Coinbase without registering a fully identified bank account in the USA.

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No…I dont ask for that reason I ask because there’s a lot of hacker attacks out there and I am scared about my personal Data…what if somebody stole it?

What data are you afraid of being stolen and misused? Coinbase has reasonable safeguards in place to protect your data and to my knowledge they’ve not been hacked by anyone as of yet.

At the moment yes,If I start to trade I will send him ID of course I’ve just read that some exchanges were hacked back at the time and I am scared that’s why I am asking ,and I am not from USA.

Then Coinbase will be useless to you unless they can do wire transfers, which probably cost a buttload of money. You want to find an exchange that’s local to you preferably, and if not local, then one in a country where the law is paramount - any of the western european countries will do, e.g. UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the nordic countries, etc

Thank you I will check it out and I will decide which Option is the best one Thanks!Wish you luck guys thank you!

I very much like Kraken (except for their colours…). They are very secure, have quite low fees and ADA can be traded to USD and EUR. If you have an account at the German Fidor bank, then moving EUR to and from Kraken is done within seconds to minutes because that’s their EUR fiat gateway.

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