Best crypto exchanges except Binance or Coinbase for ada


As we know all these main exchanges like binance and coinbase became a gov linked exchanges.

What others exchanges are good enough for trading?

I prefer Kraken for sure.


So do I. I’m using Kraken for almost ten years now.

@Zyroxa @gadfly16 I would like to know why anyone thinks Kraken is in a league outside Coinbase and Binance for links to the government. Kraken is right next door to Coinbase in the USA (both based in San Francisco) so will face precisely the same kind of political pressure.

I’ll never forget what Jesse Powell said (bravely, in my opinion) when asked if he could deny that they’d have to freeze customer assets without due process or warrants when customers were targeted for political reasons:

Hello @TadCryp

Kraken Pro is really good for trading and it’s a free upgrade to regular Kraken.

I started using only Kraken now because they were the only one in Canada (at the time) that complied with Canadian FATF regulation, so I can freely move money from Canadian banks to the exchange. Also, Coinbase was way to slow for money transfers (deposits and withdrawals).


Binance is outlawed in some provinces in Canada so any banks that have headquarters in those provinces will not allow you to transfer money legally to Binance. So, if you do use Binance in Canada and file taxes in a wrong province you are submitting evidence that you committed money laundering across USA/Canada border. Also, Binance had a chance to fix this but instead they were caught lying about it to their customers, so they may not be getting any licenses in those provinces.

Coinbase is a public company now and as such they are forced to file disclosure statements to SEC. So they have to provide a lot more info to the government then privately managed exchanges. This also means that government has a lot more info to use to against Coinbase customers to justify freezing or confiscating assets (not just crypto) if they choose to pressure any/all crypto holders for any reason.

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I am from Lithuania, Europe. Yes, today Political reasons are the main key to ban, freeze accounts, it is like paypal was doing with their customers, did you hear that?

Now my asset is in BUSD, I don’t want to buy crypto at the moment, I have long term strategy and will enter into crypto later.

Which is better BUSD,USDC or USDT and where to hold it? I also have nano ledger s. The story with tractors in Canada I liked alot, because these centralized banks was not able to steal or ban, those whose has had money in ledgers - it was proved story that in ledger money is like money in your pocket.

I think it is actual question for anybody who don’t want to hold money in bank account and want to have in stable coins

Thanks for all the above, especially this last statement regarding the exposure to significant asset holders: generally the target of any institutional mafia. It correlates well with this recent exposure of asset holder data (also without any legal due process, but from a different angle):


For me its not about regulation. Ever legit cryotp exchange must comply with regulations and cooperate with regulators.

But Kraken is here since years and never had a big incident or similar. Also their support is top and not even compareable to the “support” from Binance or Coinbase.

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they banned for reason because I asked to investigate scam where I lost btc…

coinbase pro is your best bet, allows for limit orders etc. and has the lowest fee structure

unless your limit orders are in $ hundreds of millions, coinbase pro fees are actially several-fold higher than on binance.

I don’t think anything like that. I use Kraken for the following reasons:

  1. time in business, it was founded in 2011 and it works since then without any ‘big event’.
  2. it’s registered in the US not in Cayman Islands (binance)
  3. pricing is good enough for me
  4. relatively conservative selection of assets, I think it helps to keep it safe and concentrate efforts on more important stuff like support.
  5. quality of support and general communication
  6. ability to evolve, it was rather slow but they were able to upgrade their trading platform to be more responsive.
  7. their role on the mtgox cleanup effort.
  8. Jesse Powell.
  9. Trading interface.

So basically I trust them the most.

Anyway I think a healthy relation with the government is a good thing. It’s definitely a better thing than having no relation.

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OK @TadCryp I’ve I understood the sense of your question:

… to be that a “government linked exchange” is not “good enough for trading” and that your original posting was looking for an exchange without a level of regulation or government parnership that privacy-focused customers would consider oppressive.

The two people who first responded assumed that government linkage isn’t something that needs to be considered (or is in fact a good thing), while I assumed if you were just looking for the “best exchange” (i.e. Kraken who everybody loves, but the founding ex-CEO admitted is compromised, as quoted above) then you wouldn’t have mentioned the term “gov linked” … so which of us understood your question correctly?

it must be optimal: not too big fees and no regulation from govs for sure.
yesterday they asked me documents for source of my fund until 28th of Oct, if not, I won’t be able to withdraw. I will provide, but before that I have transfered my all wealth to
ledger nano s.

They are centralized (they are no difference than traditional banking system), they don’t want middle class to be rich and they want to know everything about your money. I hate this legilized mafia.

Now I see that the best option is ledger or decentralized wallet with seed keys where you can do swaps, but not sure about fees

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When associates ask me the same question (KYC-free centralised exchanges) I point them primarily to Kucoin which allows 1BTC equivalent value per day to be withdrawn without providing ID documents. Their support of Cardano tokens close to their mainnet launch times has been good so far, though not immediate.

Bitrue has a higher KYC-free limit (currently 2BTC value per day) but you can get your funds stuck in there for a different reason: they have long periods of “downtime” for certain withdrawals for which they say they have “technical difficulties” which are probably from an entirely different problem (e.g. liquidity shortages & the results of their own bad trading). They’ve supported many Cardano native tokens even closer to their launch time than Kucoin: but I’d be uneasy about putting funds into a system that could close off withdrawals during periods of volatility or price dumping (as they did with SOL back in May 2022).

MEXC is the third of 3 in this category who also have KYC-free daily withdrawals in the 1 to 2BTC range. When trying to choose which of these 3 to use for a Cardano token swap, I tell associates to look on CoinGecko to see which one of them has the highest amount of 24-hour trading volume for that token. Normally all these Cardano token listings have trading pairs with USDT rather than ADA (unlike the Cardano DEXes, which tend to pair Cardano tokens with ADA).


If you are that fundamentally on the anti-government train, maybe something like Monero is more to your liking?

Personally, I do not consider anti money laundering measures as inherently bad.

Yes, they are. And there are good reasons to get your ADA from exchanges into a self-managed wallet.

(At least for people who are up to the task. The amount of scams we see hints to the fact that some people might really be better of with something with a customer service.)

That sounds awfully close to a conspiracy narrative.

Maybe, they just need to comply to some AML regulations. Which to me is legitimate. Your opinion may vary.

While wallets in self-custody are a good idea, they are not really an alternative. You’d still need on-ramps and off-ramps to exchange for real money.

my money is legaly proof, but the problem is the bureaucracy for documentation - you can give 100 good documents except 1 of them and your money will be compromised …

Still did’t look what info they need, but saw many questions and “next” button to new page :slight_smile:
Will see tomorrow …

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Fair enough. That is a good point.

i prefer bitget after binance, has very high fees you will receive less ADA there for your fiat.