Binance closing its doors to US costumers

With the recent news I am a little worried living in NYC. I was just curious if Cardano has any plans of getting on other exchanges such as coinbase or binanceUS ?

This post does not make me feel very confident. But I’m still going to hold my :ada: I could probably use a VPN…

Iv’e used Kraken for the past couple years. I haven’t had any issues with it.

Arw you in NY?

In my opinion Shelley needs to go mainnet and then hopefully Coinbase will add :ada:.

I feel like the Foundation should have Coinbase on speed dial.


Didn’t Charles say something like “I can’t comment on coinbase,” in one of his AMA’s when that question was asked. I read it as there was some legal reason he couldn’t comment on it, as if there was a deal going on. I’m sure once Shelley is fully implemented, Cardano will get on coinbase ASAP


I haven’t watched all of his AMA but I guess well have to wait and see. I’m gonna try kraken for now once September rolls out.

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