Fireside Chat with Cardano Foundation Executives

Hello everyone!

Now that (in some parts of the world) the days are getting colder, we have turned on the fireplace! :fire:
Join the Cardano Foundation executives in a fireside chat as they highlight the importance of trust, the opportunities in blockchain, and the future of Cardano while answering community questions.

Watch the full talk here:

(In order of appearance on thumbnail: @Bakyt_CF, @Eva_Oberholzer, @Frederik_Gregaard & @Hinrich)


Great video. Is always good to know you all better.
Looking forward to next videos and conversations


А как понять, если не понимаешь язык, где описание беседы, чтоб можно было перевести…

Good initiative. Works well in this format. To Frederik’s closing remarks, it would be good to make these a regular occurrence. If the pace of delivery for Goguen is maintained during 2021 there will be a tremendous amount of change, and therefore helpful to understand how CF will be working with community during the rollout.

Further I believe there is significant work to be done with industry groups, especially across financial services. Eva mentioned FMI’s who are one of the groups who stand to lose or benefit with the move to smart contracts and should be targeted. There is also a lot of opportunity to work with EU and Global regulators (in addition to the Swiss regulator) to help position Cardano as part of emerging Blockchain regulations.