First Cardano meetup in Moscow

Cardano meetup in Moscow

FinForge Cryptolab and Cardano Foundation were happy to organize the first CARDANO Meetup in Moscow. The event was held September 27th 2018, more than 150 Cardano supporters joined us at coworking space TABLITSA in Moscow downtown.

After greetings from FinForge and short Cardano ecosystem introduction, professor Roman Oliynykov, research fellow at IOHK, cryptographer, IT security researcher gave an interesting talk “Cardano decentralized consensus: a family of Ouroboros protocols”.

The talk included an overview of different consensus protocols, a high-level survey of the protocol and spoke a lot about Ouroboros Praos making Ouroboros semisynchronous and adaptively secure.

The talk met a good response from the audience, the Q&A session started with a dozen questions after what Roman was surrounded by developers off stage continuing the informative discussion.

Meanwhile Peter Thompson, Cardano SL Developer, system performance scientist, took the main stage and spread the word about RINA advantages for Cardano”. This was a high quality scientific talk about Recursive InterNetwork Architecture allowing the audience to dive deeper into the alternative of TCP/IP model which allows more efficient scaling of the decentralized network.

The networking and coffee became a convenient moment to discuss Peter’s talk and debate the advantages of the Ouroboros consensus.

Alexey Kashirsky, IT Mining Engineer, CEO & Co-founder of SP8DE spoke about the opportunities and difficulties of developing B2B-projects on Cardano and shared his experience of how to start the first gaming project on Cardano called SP8DE.

Huobi partner from Russia Andrey Grachev gave a talk «Cardano as stock asset and opportunities for trading». He was quite optimistic about the future of Cardano, answered the questions of traders and ICO-founders about listing and Huobi procedures. The discussion was a big success and continued off stage.

Finally the meetup was concluded with a panel discussion “Midterm perspectives of Cardano and other leading blockchains development”.

The speakers of the panel:

It was a great honor for FinForge to host Cardano event. High quality talks started valuable discussion and lead to effective networking. We’re happy to see the birth of Russian community and are very glad to be a part of Cardano family.


Looks like an amazing first meetup @IgorJiang Well done!

Thanks very much for the write up :slight_smile: