Recap: Cardano Meetup Kyiv - Ouroboros protocol - 28.08.2020

The first Cardano Kyiv Meetup took place on August 28, 2020, and the main topic was the Ouroboros protocol .

The speaker was Prof Roman Oliynykov from IOHK, cryptographer, IT security researcher, lecturer, Ph.D.

The meetup was sponsored by AzureADA (ticker: AZUR) – Cardano stake pool operator.

Roman explained the essence of Proof-of-Stake and Ouroboros protocol, it’s advantages comparing to other protocols, and some visions for future development. The audience asked questions and took active participation in the discussion. You can watch the video and we will prepare the text version soon.

Around 20 people attended the meetup: developers, entrepreneurs, crypto-enthusiasts. Apart from Ukrainian crypto-community, there were guests from the USA, Italy, France, and that was one of the reasons why we choose English as the main language of the meetup. Another reason was that the meetup was broadcasted live on Cryptotexty youtube channel and around 50 people watched it online.

This meetup was the first in a series of meetups on the different topics from the Cardano ecosystem. We plan to conduct more Cardano meetups in Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine. So let’s stay in touch!


Great job guys! Bravo

Amazing!Good job guys!

Thank you everyone for response.
I want you to keep in mind (at least those people who visit Meetup section) that when some interesting speaker from Cardano worldwide community visits Ukraine - let’s create additional meetup.