For the Pioneers ... Functional Programming in Haskell

Look at this ā€¦ 19.200 students enrolled! I bet quite a few of them will find their way to Plutus. I finished the course today and can totally recommend it especially if not only Plutus but Haskell development itself is new to you - like it was for me.



Hey! Iā€™m enrolled in this course! Just finished Week #3

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Just clicked on linked post - enrolled.

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Thank you for sharing @tomdx

Indeed thanks for sharing.

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enrolled, thank you!!!

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I went through the program in two days. It was a little bit underwhelming and the curriculum appeared incoherent to me.

Learn You A Haskell is still what I recommend. There is no substitution for experience however and the sheer lack of practical applications of Haskell outside of academia is clearly hurting the adoption of Cardano.