> we ditched the “hub” part!

We have ditched the “hub” part! :tada:

a min password length of 10 is not suitable for my birthday. Now I had to put two !! afterwards :wink:

Just wondering, how much did you guys spend on this domain?

Prob wasn’t that much if they bought it off someone, since its still a .org - there is very little chance they are going to disclose this btw (if it wasn’t done in a public transaction) since IOHK is not a public company, and the seller has the right to privacy.

Perhaps they paid in ADA :sunglasses:

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@Shunfan sorry we can’t disclose this information.

As @jb455 stated it was a private sale.

The main thing is we have it now and we are working very hard behind the scenes to improve all Cardano website assets! :slight_smile: