Is this the official merchandise shop?


I have two questions:

  1. Is this ( the official merchandise store by IOHK?

  2. Does the checkout not work for somebody else? I can not buy anything from there.



Hi @block-t

  1. No, this is not an official store run by IOHK or Cardano Foundation. Though it has been promoted by Charles so it is not a scam website.

  2. The checkout has been disabled as there were some issues with the transactions. Upon contacting them, I have been told it will be back and running once the issue is resolve (unsure of time frame).



Thanks a lot for the answer.

Am looking forward to purchasing a nice Cardano Hoodie, although I’d like to financially support IOHK more than a 3rd party.



No worries! Of course, we are definitely looking into a shop as well, but need to get a few other projects off the ground first :smiley:

Thanks for the support!


Damn, I want one with Daedalus logo. :cry:

I don’t get the Daedalus logo. The cow/bull with a nose ring has nothing to do with the Greek Daedalus story line. The Ada wallet needs a new logo.

My additional comments on this topic.


It’s the head of the Minotaur. Notice the labyrinth. The architect, Daedalus, designed the labyrinth which was secure and kept the Minotaur trapped at the center of the labyrinth. I think it’s brilliant.

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The Minotaur was eventually killed by the Athenian hero Theseus. We can keep copying and pasting the Wiki here, but we need a new wallet logo that can go mainstream.

Nobody is “copying and pasting” Wikipedia for you. Just trying to help you see the symbolism… The mere fact that you bring up the Minotaur being killed by Theseus, just tells me that you are not keeping an open mind and missing the point. Lastly, nobody will be changing the logo because of your perception of an image of a “cow/bull with a nose ring”.

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What do you suggest then? I think it makes sense. A wallet is built most of all to secure. The minotaur has to be secured. I think it’s original and looks good. Maybe not so mainsyream like but it can be dialed down a bit if needed, although I would like it to remain like this. Surely people will be able to use other wallets in the future if they don’t like it, and leave Daedalus for the ones who love it, with it’s logo. Still, I’d like to see suggestions (logos).

Hi @NoelCresencio I was confusing wallet marketing with currency marketing. The simple :ada: Ada accepted here approach satisfies my concerns about mainstream scale-ability.

In the future, I’m most likely to have my crypto wallet with Fidelity or some other mainstream financial services provider and not necessary use Daedalus. In fact, why is the Cardano Foundation even investing in a wallet? It seems like the foundation should just being using IOHK to build APIs that other wallets like MyCrypto MetaMask can integrate.

It is no secret that other’s are looking at providing a wallet for ADA, we will see how they turn out in the future.

IOHK was contracted to build the Cardano platform and within the designing of such a project a cryptocurrency has to have a wallet for it’s user’s (the wallet is basically the software needed to access the network), and so Daedalus was integrated into the project at some point so that the platform could be decentralized (otherwise I guess they could have given access through a central website), most of all the tools that the Cardano community will utilize will be hosted within the wallet, the community needs a place to stake or delegate their stake, and later a place to vote or delegate their vote, and so for Cardano to reach the goals that have been set for the project a 3rd party wallet that the developers have limited access to would greatly reduce the amount of production that can be done on the tools required for us to interact with the platform, trusting a 3rd party to prepare a product for quantum resistant tools would require a high amount of trust in the ability of that party to deliver a product along the lines of the software IOHK is building, it is very important for Daedalus to be developed by IOHK while they continue to build the platform as the wallet is the distributed ledger that records transactions (and later delegation) on the blockchain.

Sorry if I am not real clear on this, anybody is welcome to paint a clearer picture and even correct something I might have wrote wrong.

The link @block-t has in the OP does not work as of today if your looking at buying some Cardano merchandise.


Well. I’m glad. It is better for mainstream the ada logo. Concerning the wallet, I’ve heard from charles that they consider best to keep development with an oficial wallet to be able to develop faster, in house. Since Cardano has it’s own complex protocols it’s not as easy as many other coins. Also, I assume just like in most things in this space, they probably see many things badly done and they want to have their own wallet up to their standards in security and ease of use.



I have been buying my Cardano, Emurgo and IOHK gear here:

Charles stated it was his friend’s brothers site if i recall correctly in a tweet.


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Don’t hand over your keys to a third party financial service. Why on earth would you do that? Just keep your fiat if that’s your intention.


Lmao im actually Charles assistant but this is flattering :wink:

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Any progress on a shop?

Check out

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