Meaning of the symbol for the Daedalus wallet

Hello everyone,
Maybe a question that should be asked to the creators of Daedalus Wallet: I was wondering what was the meaning behind the symbol of the Daedalus Wallet. I tried to search online but could not find any.

Thank you in advance for the person who is knowledgable about the subject and is willing to share.

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Here you go… Can somebody design a "ADA ACCEPTED HERE" logo?

I didn’t like the Minotaur in July of 2018 and I don’t like it now. Fortunately for mainstream adoption, most people aren’t going to need a full node wallet.

Thks, this is a partial explanation. Minotaur comes from Greek Mythology, and Daedalus was an architect in Greek Mythology also, perhaps just to explain that Cardano is being skilfully architected. Why not.
But why choose the image of Minotaur? It’s like the horns of the devil.
I have no vocation of exposing my religious beliefs here or evangelizing, and I am not criticizing anyone. I am just trying to understand. Perhaps you’d say symbolism is not important, it was just a coincidence.
But as far as I’m concerned, symbols are at the heart of any meaning you’re trying to communicate.

I agree. If Cardano goes mainstream, it will be accessible from many wallets. So, it doesn’t really matter.

Hi everyone, I’m new! I think there is a real research on Greek history for me, there are all first the horns which for me also represent the wings that Daedalus had built to kill are new but ego, then Daedalus were to liberate and build a wooden bull to the goddess Pasiphae because it ignites with desire share the animal knowing that it represented a feeling of ingratitude towards poseidon, is wooden bull to ask share the goddess was responsible for being are means of transport in which she wanted to copulate with the animal and which was possible in the ARENA OF DANCE freshly built after several attempts it finally gave birth to Asterius a monstrous hybrid “MINOTAURE”. This monautaur was hiding from the attention of humanity, forced the king to commission Deadalus in the construction of a labyrinth from the matrix of prehistoric tunnels which was located under Crete “AN IMPENETRABLE LABYRINTH” which with its windings tapered, puzzled the outside. Once the labyrinth is completed he reaches an unprecedented fame for the INGENOSITY of his plan, this would be useful so that the king can organize a bull fight that has eaten away his colors and leave to fight the Minotaur. The wings represents freedom following the escape of Daedalus with Icarus from the prison by creating wings which were basically impossible to be created in the place where they were. I think that the symbol is a set of representations, the White Minotaur because it wants to express a hybrid “an innovation”, the horns of the Minotaur represents the wings which means freedom and the Labyrinth in the middle which is a protection “Security”, that’s what I think.

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What a wonderful explanation, thank you for that

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Hi and yes thanks for the explanations, on a related symbol (the one for Cardano), i was quite intrigued the other day as I was watching the film Passengers (released 2016) and the Cardano symbol is right there in the film as part of ‘Homestead’ and the future world for all us humans to go and live on in the future. They didn’t state that they were using ADA but i guess it just has to be the currency of the world in 2343😀I hope we don’t have to actually wait that long !!!IMG_9193 IMG_9194

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Daedalus = clever guy who beat the Wright brothers by several millennia; didn’t fly to the moon but got closer than most and was smart enough to avoid burning & crashing.

Minotaur = Bullish

“Nomen est omen.” :smiling_imp:

Not only was Daedalus an architect, he was the architect who designed the labyrinth in which the Minotaur roamed - hence the symbol.

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Ok thank you and everybody else who participated in this thread