Daedalus 0.12 / Cardano SL 2.0 is out, other currencies in the future?

Good morning,

Daedalus 0.12 / Cardano SL 2.0 is out https://daedaluswallet.io/#download and there is a clue on the website for Bitcoin / Ethereum support in the future:

Wow, did not expect that!


I think the Bitcoin/Ethereum logos were always there.

Looks like they haven’t updated the Daedalus website yet, as the release dates and release notes are for the previous version and there’s no link to the Linux binary.


The Wayback Machine says you are right. Looks like I never noticed those logos.

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where is the update? i have no info in my wallet !

The update takes time to propagate through the network.
I just manually downloaded it from daedaluswallet.io

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I’m pretty sure that is an ETC symbol. It would easier for them to use the mantis client that they already created and roll that into daedalus - I’m sure ETH will come later though. As I understand it, people will be able to stake ADA and collect various other cryptos as the reward for varifying the tx.