When is Linux version of Daedalus coming?

I am a pure Linux user/developer with no access to WIndows/Max machines. So I am interested in an estimated timeline for a full version of Daedalus running on Linux.

I used some beta version some months ago but it did not very well, had tons of sync problems until it stopped syncing completely. Currently, I am storing my ADA in Yoroi but I would prefer to switch to Daedalus once ready.

Also, does anyone know if Ledger Nano S will be supported directly from Daedalus in the future? How will such support look like (eq. prompting to connect to the device when creating wallet or something like that)?

I think the Linux version is coming out with the 1.4/2.0 version of Cardano-SL, which will hopefully ship next week.

thanks for informing us

Its out!