Why is the daedalus wallet not available for Linux?

Noticed the wallet is not available for linux? Any reason for this?

Its coming, and its coming soon but will be harder to update vs the Windows wallet etc. It is all about priorities.

Linux a low priority…and Ledger Nano integration is a top priority. Cryptonomy is in charge of the integration.

A few devs managed to build it using Nix. I failed to do it personally.

Maybe reading the comments in this thread might help you https://www.reddit.com/r/cardano/comments/7w772z/still_no_working_linux_wallet_seriously/

That’s where I found this video instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Kk6Tdf1eRg
along with those instructions: https://pastebin.com/cidx2RhD

Good luck!


That is not entirely true, I dont have link but read a statement that it is coming very soon. Ledger nano wont be soon.

They just wont make easy to update, so its not a full-supported product, just a intermediate solution.

I hope you’re right

In the past week, the team has made significant progress on the Linux installer. Currently they are still waiting on the best solution to package NPM with Nix. Additionally, the team made several improvements to our CI as well as supporting development for the upcoming release.

This is a quote from the latest technical report https://www.cardanohub.org/en/weekly-technical-report/#02-22-2018 - I am assuming they are talking about the Daedalus wallet.

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Looks like my nix installation attempt wasn’t successful. Checked out the branch devops-13, then nix-env -f release.nix -iA daedalus --show-trace.

error: store path mismatch in file downloaded from ‘https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/archive/3eccd0b11d1.tar.gz

Pretty lame stuff for now.

that’s just stupid … imho hardware wallets should be last … how many people have desktop/mobile VS hardware wallets! that re not even safe! just hype :frowning:

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why do we need any of those?

NPM is for javascript … is the desktop app of the wallet infected with javascript ?

also Nix !?

please static bind all and let us go further …

I need to setup not 1 but 2 dependency managers !?? da fuk…


Tell that to IOHK, I don’t decide the priorities. Also waiting for the linux wallet and couldn’t build it myself (too many errors)

Initially the Linux version of the wallet was given a low priority. They have just recently increased the priority. For what it’s worth, I think they had it right first time.

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Yup. Estimated Linux market share of desktop/laptop: 2.32%


I don’t know what that site is, maybe they are talking about gamers or some other market, but can’t be true for people who do cryptocurrency.

It used to be that Linux was the most common OS for cryptocurrency wallets. In fact I still think that TAILS and other privacy distros are all Linux.

Maybe things have changed over the years, but serious HODLRs are usually going to want their wallet on Linux.

I really can’t take a project seriously if they can’t even come up with a simple CLI Linux wallet!!


@mclstr You are right. Charles has even commented on how they internally use Linux to develop it. Leaving Linux to be the last OS release was a decision of negligence. It has left us all vulnerable and increased the chances of us being hacked.

It’s universal, like Cardano’s target market.

Sure, I develop on Linux, but it’s not my desktop.

Not entirely sure what this is in reply to, but are you suggesting that since you use linux only for development, there isn’t a demand for a linux targeted build?

If you want your technical product to be tested and scrutinized by experts (a matter of security), you want a release on the platform the experts tend to use. In this space, to target the “market” before providing the best security option is asinine. And for you to defend such derelict practices only underscores the problem. A Linux build is greatly in the interest of the non-technical “target market.”

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Yes, there is, but much less than 2% of the global market share. So, the priority should be reflecting on that percentages:)

Do not get me wrong, I know how you feel. I was a hardcore Linux (guy/evangelist) for more than 15 yrs when I switched to Mac OS X in 2010. Even, when I bought my first MacBook Pro, I vanished the Mac OS X and installed Linux on it, but the issues w/ the EFI boot, Wi-Fi and other drivers (camera etc) that time lead me to switch to the BSD Unix based OS the Mac OS X or macOS as they call it nowadays.


Core Cardano components are proven by formal methods, the project does not depend on community testing as traditional OS projects do.