Why Daedalus?

I would like to start with a disclaimer of sorts, I am by no means making any implications in this topic. The aim of it, as suggested by the category and the tag, is pure speculation for the purpose of entertainment. I quite enjoy poking at such topics and find it amusing, and hope someone else will as well.

I was wondering about the significance of the the software names, in regards to their mythological implications. Clearly Daedalus is a representation of a brilliant inventor and an innovator, but the wallet logo itself draws attention to the Minotaur myth in particular. Which is by no means a happy one :slight_smile: A story of hubris, god’s wrath and betrayal, which brought about a ferocious monster trapped in a maze, the violent bellowing of which caused catastrophes such as earthquakes. Doesn’t strike me as an obvious choice for a representation of a hopeful new endeavor :smiley: Granted the labyrinth itself is a marvel of architectural brilliance, still I don’t think the purpose it served can be disregarded as insignificant. I have been struggling to come up with an explanation which would put a positive spin on it, but there has been no lack of negative ones :smiley: Being a person who enjoys taking a closer look at things of this nature, judging by myself, I believe that someone interested in such matters, or interested enough to choose it as a representation of their work, would likely not have done so for arbitrary reasons. Immensely more complex and layered is the Ouroboros image, but perhaps that is a discussion for later.

Anyhow as I mentioned this is purely in the spirit of good fun. I would love some insight on this matter from anybody, or to hear from a person involved in the decision making process of naming these would be tremendous, but perhaps that is not realistic.


because the street thought bitcoin was a japanese token created by a japanese guy named satoshi nakamoto

I agree with RyanFox. The Daedalus wallet logo could be so much cooler if it focused on the craftsman qualities of the greek mythology associated with Daedalus. The minotaur logo is strange and I suspect it distracts from serious investors that looking around the site.

Imagine you are looking at the awesome Cardano roadmap. You like the thoughtfulness. You like the team and the scientific approach. Then you keep scrolling and see a minotaur logo with the nose ring associated with the wallet. Then you try to imagine this logo at the checkout at Target or Tiffany’s and you’re like now way. That’s just strange. That logo will never be plastered on every cash wrap across the globe.

Again this is just transparent feedback. Not trying to be mean. Cardano.org has a great UI and UX creative team. I feel like this one very important logo just doesn’t resonate like the rest of the project.