Full Node Speculation/Educated Guessing on Hardware and Requirements



I’m trying to get a rough idea of what will be required to run a full node (mentioned in roadmap). I’m aware the specifications have not yet been released. Possibly not even conceived. I thought I’d start this thread to try and very roughly work out the specs required to run a full node. It may be complete speculation, in which case at least it might be fun. Here are some spec’s we could discuss.

  • Number of Ada required to stake
  • Internet bandwith/data usage
  • Computer requirements
  • Security


I’m also curious about this , I bought a cheap computer today because I didn’t own one. I have enough Ada that I want to secure them , but idk what the return on staking will be

If you consider Ada operations as being like a trustless distributed central bank , which is a perspective on POS coins , then the staking / reserve interest rate should be both tied to ecosystem growth prospects, opportunity cost, and the nominal value of the currency itself.

POS coins have some bond like properties, from an economic analytic perspective. If you consider Ada and the dao in general as being both agents and beneficiarys of technological growth , the base interest rate should be set high , but distributed in a way that does not disturb the currency much … I think based on reading some about ouroborous, that it will be a truly fair market , where the lowest possible sys requirements would be sought .

That said , I just bought my first computer in 15 years after not having one since Android … it’s Pentium and 4gb ram is syncing the first time in less than 7 hours

With software improvements, one would hope and expect that in a couple years, you could run a thick wallet (node/stake) on a mobile phone … but maybe that’s asking too much .

Proof of stake would seem to seek the minimum cryptographic requirements , in order to incentivize stakeholder participation!


I’ve got a feeling the staking will be easy. Being a full node on the other hand, well consider this quote on the roadmap:

“Incentives in Cardano will be used to encourage stakeholders to set up the infrastructure needed to run a full node and to fully participate in the protocol”.

So I get the idea that there are different levels of participation and a full node may require some heavy computing power.


I would love to get an idea a few months ahead of time on what is required so I can invest in the infrastructure ahead of time to run a full node.


Just read this in relation to ‘Heavyweight stakes’…“Thus, the value of threshold for Mainnet is 0.03% of the total stake”.

I think the “total stake” may be the total number of Ada staked in the system (?). If this is the case, if 1 billion Ada are staked then a heavyweight stake is 300 000 Ada. That’s a lot. I wonder if a Heavyweight stake will be required to run a full node? I wonder exactly what the “total stake” refers to? @io_jeremy can you help us out here?


that is a lot, and i’d be worried about having that in a hot wallet