How to be a full node?



do full nodes have to save the whole blockchain in their computer?


Yes. If you don’t have a copy of the blockchain, you must trust someone who does. In that case you wouldn’t be a full node.


Ok, so how is it going to work to run nodes for PoS “minting” of ADA? Do we simply install the Daedalus Wallet, and presto? A link to the procedure would be helpful. I have over 100k ADA; what’s a good number for node running and minting?


As far as I understand, there’s going to be a staking procedure in the wallet.


I am also very much interested in knowing what one needs to do in order to be able to mint, once we reach the right epoch to do so.


I found the answer in the roadmap:

Here’s what it’ll look like.


i want that much ADA :joy::star_struck:


I’m guessing this picture is from the design team as a design template. Nothing on there reflects reality


Thanks for the precisions io_jeremy.

You guess this picture is from the design team as a design template, so I guess this means that on dec 3rd the real percentages were really different from the numbers on the picture ?

Where is it possible to see the reality (today) ?

Is there a precise link somewhere (showing such a picture as above, but with actual numbers) ?

I may be an interested node maintainer, but before deciding something, and since Cardano ADA claims to be based on PoS, it’s necessary to have a good idea about how many ADAs are needed to have a viable stake percentage.