Fund7 innovation phaseca

Voters, proposers, CAs/vCAs… Are you ready?
Total budget of $5,400,000 in ADA
I am so exciting with my Good an Excellent CA teams.


im editing this it seems under / on top whelming ;’ couldnt hvae held such a monologue either so… but if youd heard me think :"!
ayoo; Working on a proposal (I am) with lots nested inside for really taking ownership of economical momenta as a network, some evolved principles for holding power on top of- the network; real applicative attention grabbers; think climate change, and workforce glorification (these interlink beside refer to a 2do distribution system):: The terms are a real burden on my mind years long, would love someone to go through it with me maybe on call; Think you, you refer to your CAs, could hook into standing development; I’m depraved of finance have standing with you all a registry as some type of reviewer WOuld like to step into that role, letting the brain do its heaviness really diving into it with you I’ve not… Think I’ll talk to one of you on these terms; hastily we must move, integrity of paperwork looms at tenths of the mc^2 involved.-! among other things,

p.s. heads me up and I’ll gather among my notes the most pivotal