Future Cardano

Inside the cardano platform. Ada coins will be like the engine that will make the network safe. Ada holders in the future will only be rewarded with an operating fee and within the platform it should be possible to:
-Emission of coins by countries.

  • Smart contracts of all kinds.
  • Blockchain library of world information on all fields, from justice, notaries, history.
    -Politics and voting tokenized.
    -Tokenizacion of any physical thing of value or patents.
  • Stock exchanges of tokenized securities.
    -Interoperability between large online value platforms.
  • Bank succession, loans.
    Really if I see a future to the blockchain world but not to any ico, but rather to the platforms that manage to be useful for humanity. Maybe Cardano can be one of them.

In the future, I would love to use ADA as a Family Bank. Have family / group members pool their money and for example, if someone wanted to buy a car or house, with a smart contract that item would be bought by the pool using a simple interest that would accrue to the pool so that the buyer paid less and what interest was paid remained in the family instead of going to a bank.

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