withdrawal of ADA disabled - when will it work again?

Hi - at ADA withdrawal is not possible, and I’ve heard we have similar problems on other exchanges as well. Why is this happening, and when can we expect this issue to get solved?

I have the same issue. I want to transfer my ADA to Daedalus but it says suspended for maintenance

This is the reply I got from support a couple weeks ago: Support (

Feb 8, 18:00 CST

ADA wallet is still under development. Deposit/withdrawal are not enabled yet.
May you please follow our announcement and twitter message for update?

I bought my ada in late January and twice got the exact same response you did when I opened support tickets in February and in March. It’s like they have a canned, party-line response that has nothing to do with reality. I bought ada from bittrex in March and they did have the wallet disabled for one day but the next day I was able to withdraw fine. What is the problem with ada withdrawals? Is it that the Daedalus wallet is too finicky to install and keep running for this exchange? Please help…