Generating and moving keys between block producer and air-gapped machine

I’m currently creating my stake pool and I’m on step 9 of the coinCashew tutorial (Generate block-producer keys). It mentioned that ONLY

  • stake pool cold key (node.cert)
  • stake pool hot key (kes.skey)
  • stake pool VRF key (vrf.skey)

Should be on my Block Producer Node, but so far it’s not saying that I need to remove the rest. So my question is - do I need to? Can I do it now? Or will I need them there further on?

Is my understanding correct that .vkey needs to be on the air gapped machine and the .skey on the block producer node? (e.g. vrf.vkey should be on the air-gapped and vrf.skey on the BP node?)

Thanks in advance!


ONLY means that only those keys should be kept in BP node. Those keys needed to start the node… btw, there is a bug in the tutorial on how to start a bp node:

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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