Get the sending address of a transaction from UTXO

Hey everyone, I’ve searched the Internet and this forum, tried asking in various Discord servers but haven’t found the answer.

What I’m trying to do: Given a UTXO, get the sender address.

I have tried the cardano cli, up to 1.26.1. I’m hoping for a solution that doesn’t involve spinning my own graphql for just this one applicaiton but I found this GitHub - input-output-hk/cardano-graphql: GraphQL API for Cardano.

I found this as an external option But is there anything that can be done locally? I have a relay node running. I can build and send transactions. Basically I want the data that’s in every explorer such as

Thank you for the help I appreciate it.

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You can query your transaction details via cardano-db-sync (graphql/rest/etc query layers rely on this common backend)

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Hey thanks for your reply! Does this mean you have to get this running locally? GitHub - input-output-hk/cardano-graphql: GraphQL API for Cardano

Or is there a simpler way since it’s the infrastructure is fairly complex. I’m not quite sure what you mean by via cardano-db-sync? Do you have any docs or more concrete steps?


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It is simply a postgres DB with a node and a daemon, I’d say it’s pretty basic for blockchain architecture. You can find doco for each component at
But if you’re simply looking to leverage off someone else’s node, then you can checkout or

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This is really helpful, I’d seen dandelion but looking at blockfrost now too. Thank you so much!

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Newbie here – I have a node and wallet running and have also set up cardano-dy-sync-exented on my machine, and am curious on how exactly to query the transaction details of my wallet? I can locally query my wallet’s UTxOs and find respective txHash, but am stumped on how to find the sender’s address associated to the various txHashes. I have tried various queries such as

select tx_out.* from tx_out inner join tx on tx_out.tx_id = where tx.hash = '<my transaction hash>' ;


select tx_out.* from tx_out inner join tx_in on tx_out.tx_id = tx_in.tx_out_id inner join tx on = tx_in.tx_in_id and tx_in.tx_out_index = tx_out.index where tx.hash = '<my transaction hash>' ;

but always end up with an empty output.
Any insight would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi, Did you find out the anwer?

I guess you took that SQL from the reference given in the official doc. I tried the same query but could not determine which one is the sender and which ones are the receivers.