Getting pool information through cardano-cli or other tools

Hello everybody,

I am trying to retrieve some information using curl in adapools, the url that I am using is the following

The problem is that I am being blocked by CloudFlare, apparently CloudFlare blocks AWS hosts or just mine, go figure it… I want to know if I can get the same metrics using cardano-cli or a using a different tool, there is a few metrics that I want to add in my Grafana dashboard for example total_stake and number of delegators in the pool.

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1 Like is what you want. Alternatively
not in grafana though

I’d also be interested in the remaining part of this question… i.e. how to get around, or at least challenge or report, the CloudFlare blocks on AdaPools & other sites. I’ve seen pages blacklisted by default in India even on professionally licensed IP addresses, but never had the problem long enough to make a stink about it.

If continued difficulty getting the JSON summaries I would report the problem here & maybe they can fine tune their CloudFlare settings: Telegram: Contact @adapools_ops

I tried different methods to download this json file, I build python scripts, selenium scripts and even using the curl command from my browser, but the behavior is the same I can get the file from my desktop, but in AWS I am being blocked.
Good advice, I will try contact Adapools and see if they can help with that.

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Awesome I really appreciate, I will take a look in both sites.