How do adapools and pooltool retrieve the data about Stake Pools?

I have explored the cardano-node API and the only information I can retrieve is the ID, delegated stake and pledge etc. I would like to understand how they are pulling the data such as the Relays for each pool?

You can use cardano-db-sync (alongwith cardano-cli > ledger-state ) for grabbing most of the chain information, while for pool metadata (ticker names and so on) you have multiple options (rely on cardano-wallet, aggregate metadata by querying pool URLs , use smash instance).


In addition to what @rdlrt said a few starting points:

Documentation here:

Repository here:


Thank you so much to both @rdlrt and @adatainment


Apologies for dredging this back up but I have installed the cardano-cli and there doesn’t appear to be a ledger-state argument. Have I taken this wrong or made a mistake?

Also @adatainment I have not been able to locate an API that I can utilise to extract this information either. The explorer api docs here and the submit API here neither mention how to extract this information from the blockchain.

You can find ledger-state command using CLI reference here. Also, you’d have to configure and use cardano-db-sync (whether you go down cardano-rest or cardano-graphql path).

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Thanks, that was sadly far more difficult to find than I expected but all sorted now. Most appreciated.

In your opinion, what was particularly difficult? This feedback would help improve things for others.

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Hi @adatainment I do think that this was more difficult than it needed to be. By that I mean that it was difficult to locate the information that told me which API or interface with the cardano-node I needed to use to locate the information I wanted.

The issue is that we don’t have a single API, we have Wallet, Submit, Explorer, Graph, REST, adrestia, db-sync and the cardano-cli. Each has separated functionality and when functionality is missing from one of these a link to how you can perform that specific query is not provided (even if it is to a separate API’s documentation) I was able to locate the docs for Wallet and Submit easily the Cardano-cli is more difficult to locate perhaps as it is not listed under the adrestia github man page despite it even having a section for CLIs.

I hope this helps. Sorry for the slow reply.

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