📬 Gimbalabs Digest April 6, 2024: Gimbalabs & SIDAN Lab Partnership, Hong Kong Workshop, DeepFunding Academy Launch, Cardano Go Live Coding, Catalyst WG in Worcester & LATAM


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Gimbalabs is Partnering with SIDAN Lab

In the heart of Hong Kong’s bustling tech scene, a groundbreaking partnership has been unveiled. Gimbalabs, known for its exceptional track record in nurturing promising Cardano developers, specializes in creating scaffolding for a robust global network of leaders, devOps pioneers, and educators. Meanwhile, SIDAN Lab, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a technical powerhouse focused on Cardano development and crafting open-source tools for the Cardano community. Together, their vision is clear: to onboard developers in Hong Kong, providing them with unparalleled opportunities to thrive in the realm of Cardano development.

With innovation and resilience at its core, this collaboration promises to propel the Hong Kong tech community to new heights. Stay tuned!

SIDAN Lab and Waffle Capital Workshop in Hong Kong


On Monday, April 8th, SIDAN Lab and Waffle Capital will host an in-person workshop in Hong Kong titled “HK Cardano: From Idea to Funded Project.” This event offers developers and members of the Kong Kong Cardano community a unique opportunity to delve into the Cardano ecosystem and gain insights into transforming ideas into funded projects. Gimbalabs is proud to partner with this event, emphasizing its commitment to fostering innovation and growth within the Cardano community.

If you’re in Hong Kong, be sure not to miss this insightful workshop.

Details: https://lu.ma/hkcardano_getfunded

SIDAN Lab & Waffle Capital Onboard HK Developers using Andamio

SIDAN Lab and Waffle Capital have selected the Andamio platform, powered by Gimbalabs, as their primary tool for creating and delivering top-tier educational content. This initiative is part of the implementation of the Catalyst Fund 11 funded proposal titled “Gimbalabs | Genius X - Hong Kong Cardano Developer Series

The series aims to empower the developer community in Hong Kong with comprehensive knowledge on the following topics:

  • Cardano ecosystem basics
  • Cardano technology overview
  • Onchain code development (using Aiken)
  • Offchain code development (using Mesh)
  • Dapp integration & deployment

By leveraging the Andamio platform, SIDAN Lab and Waffle Capital are poised to deliver high-quality educational material, enriching the skill set of developers and fostering growth within the Cardano community in Hong Kong.

About Andamio platform: based on a Project-Based Learning (PBL) model, Andamio consists of a learning management platform and a contribution management platform that work together to create unique pathways for organizations and contributors to align on meaningful work. It uses the Cardano blockchain to provide individuals with non-custodial ways to create a record of learning and contribution and enables organizations to collaborate on solving important problems. https://www.andamio.io/

Launching of DeepFunding Academy on the Andamio Platform

The DeepFunding Academy is a fully Community-led initiative, that seeks to educate and safely guide and onboard newcomers into the Deep Funding program and SingularityNET ecosystem.

SingularityNET CEO, Dr. Ben Goertzel, emphasizes the importance of this community-led approach, stating: “we need DeepFunding and Community’s involvement to help us move towards our goal of beneficial and decentralized AGI faster and faster.

Although still in its genesis stage, DeepFunding is relying on the learning and contribution infrastructure the Andamio platform provides, to deploy its efforts for a massive onboarding of talented, bold and creative developers and innovators willing to build groundbreaking and cutting-edge technology together.

More details about the DeepFunding - Andamio partnership in https://youtu.be/5-b18Xm3iG8?si=kne67tLffcdAIA4x&t=136

Blink Labs, Gimbalabs, and Andamio join forces to deliver the “Cardano Go Live Coding” sessions.

Every Monday at 13:00 UTC, the teams from Blink Labs, Gimbalabs and Andamio meet to explore the depths of the intersection between the Golang programming language and the Cardano stack, in the framework of the Cardano Go Live Coding sessions.

Concepts of daily use in the Cardano development ecosystem are brought to light very naturally. For example: How a CLI, such as the famous Cardano CLI, is built? After watching the first few minutes of the following session, you will be able to fit into your long term memory a general idea of the subject: https://youtu.be/rmzo-pCwppw?si=QuJJsokGBQlZCv11

Register for Weekly Live Coding Sessions, every Monday 1300-1400 UTC: Andamio

Review past sessions here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCCIAmutGEbcUiIygqbkC25ibEVjWXDpf&si=BTuxPonBtOL3e-Gb

More information about the sessions at: Andamio

Note: this sessions are delivered as part of the Catalyst F11 funded proposal “Open-Source Cardano Go Libraries + Docs + Andamio CLI”.

Gimbalabs Teams Up for Incubation & Acceleration Workshops


Leveraging their experience nurturing successful Cardano projects (JPEG Store, Martify, Gods of Blocks, Loxe inc, among others), Gimbalabs partners with Cardano’s state-of-the-art open source software leader Blink Labs to deliver the in-person Catalyst Working Group workshop.

A virtual session specifically for Latin America will follow on June 8th, originating from Manizales, Colombia.

Both workshops will focus on Incubation and Acceleration, a topic close to Gimbalabs’ heart since its founding during Catalyst Fund 1. Get ready for an exciting season of learning and collaboration!

Save the dates:

Workshop in-person in Worcester (Mass): May 6, 2024. Registration: Massachusetts: Catalyst Working Group · Luma

Workshop virtual in Colombia: Jun 8, 2024. Registration: Grupo de trabajo en LATAM: Incubacion y Aceleracion de Proyectos Financiados · Zoom · Luma

We look forward to your participation in Gimbalabs Community. Don’t just watch the future unfold - help create it!

Discord: https://discord.gg/9FNNb7GPEF

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@gimbalabs

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Gimbalabs Calendar events: https://gimbalabs.com/calendar

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